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Never do these things at nudist beaches

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You may find an idea Hit the nude beach Exciting, intimidating, or both, but if you find it attractive, it’s worth trying at least once in your life. Interacting with nature in your own natural state is relaxing and empowering, and it is not shameful to have a body or show it to others. (Nude swimming day is July 9th.)

But in addition to packing a lot SunscreenThere are certain etiquette and behavioral rules you need to know before you go (bottomless), so going out won’t get in the way or get worse.

Don’t stare

Everyone is on the beach, having fun, painting a little, and relaxing. In this context, nudity means something very different and it is important not to treat people like things. According to FrommerThe “basic rule” of Nude Beach Going is that you can’t stare. Of course, you can see — at least a little, everyone will see. But it’s important not to stare long enough to make someone uncomfortable. To that end, British nudism, an organization that specializes in nudism, Created a code of conduct for nudist beaches.. This includes “do not get exhibitionist” and “do not bother”.

Wear sunglasses so that you don’t notice where you are looking. This is not an invitation to stare, so bring something and don’t want to do anything. Read a book, do crossword puzzles, or take a nap on a nice pillow. After all, this is a beach. You can and should still do regular beach work.

Don’t ignore the surroundings

Read in action all the signs you come across. Some beaches are divided into nude and non-nude sections and you cannot risk entering the wrong area. Carry a towel or cover-up in case you need to go to a place other than nude. Also on deck chairs and tables.

Also pay attention to other posted rules, such as the sign that the camera is forbidden. Make the best decisions when taking pictures at the waves, at your party or at a family member. Be as sure as possible to avoid shooting strangers and to make it clear that you are doing so. Do not make others feel uneasy or predatory. Please be careful about your surroundings.

Don’t try to make it about sex

As stated in the etiquette guide for nudist beaches in British nudistism, “sexual activity is unwelcome and a criminal. [on a nude beach] Just like any other public place. Do not engage in remote sexual activity, even with your own partner.

Again, when you think of a beautiful beach where everyone is naked, it may seem sexual to you in nature, but it’s your problem and doesn’t reflect reality. Hmm: People are there to really relax. Don’t be a pest. Don’t scare or offend people. Don’t expect Bacchanalia or try to force anyone.

If you conduct Publicly excited and crouch for a while. There should be enough space between the towel and someone else’s towel. Stay in a prone position until the towels pass, or wrap yourself in a cover and stay away from the bathroom or beach until things are boiled down. Soak in cold water. It’s not embarrassing to get a little excited, but it’s embarrassing to draw attention to others.

Don’t be ashamed of someone who isn’t completely naked

Nudists call people who like to dress “textiles”, and British nudism warns those who like nudity not to “face or approach” them on this kind of beach.

In an old Reddit thread about the worst experiences people have had on nudist beaches, One user recalls, “This guy gave me and my friends shit because they didn’t get naked … I was just trying to undress when he came.” They called it “quite weird.” And that’s right. Some people may be reluctant to take it off completely, and if they follow the posted rules on the beach, that’s fine. It’s not really your business.

Don’t get burned — literally

Beyond etiquette issues, the usual advice for going to the beach still applies, probably more than usual.Wear lots of sunscreen, reapply, follow all the rules of the letter and do your best Remove the sand From yourself and your belongings before you leave. UV rays and sand get into more parts of the body than usual, and you don’t want to leave this experience with sunburns and scratches on your intimate areas. Otherwise, have fun, relax and enjoy naturalism. Just be a decent person while you do it.

Never do these things at nudist beaches

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