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More than 10 80’s masterpieces worth a sequel

Everyone has their favorite John Hughes movie (well, anyone old enough to know who John Hughes is), Feliz Buller Holiday my.Like many, I’m attracted to Feliz characters, even if I know them I’m Cameron.

There are two ways to use the sequel: EOur heroes have learned lessons from the 1986 classics and have lived a completely enjoyable, happy and productive life … or not so many.The latter is more interesting, even if it’s guts Feliz BullerBe happier than ever after the end. What does Feliz’s life in her 50s look like? Did life slow down that youthful spark? And how much can you recover that mojo after middle age? It, however, will only work with a true commitment to explore older characters. A Judd Apatow-style teaser will sell, but I’m imagining something a little deeper and darker. Think of a director like Sofia Coppola or Lulu Wang. Lighter ones may be fun, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort.

Perhaps Alan Ruck’s Cameron Fly, who originally learned to loosen a bit, acts here as a role model rather than a ferris. His natural cautious nature may have escaped his disillusionment. Mia Sara seems to have largely moved on to other attempts, but Broderick, Luck and Jennifer Gray are all still working actors.

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More than 10 80’s masterpieces worth a sequel

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