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More delicious food with honey finish

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When it comes to sweeteners, I like sugar (except for soda, I like Diet Coke and Diet Dr Pepper’s aspartame). that’s all). Growing up in his 90s obsessed with “healthy” foods made me dislike alternative sweeteners, especially honey. sweet application. I don’t like to put it in baked goods, coffee or tea, but I do love it on savory foods. In fact, one of my favorite teenage snacks he had was a slice of sharp cheddar served with a healthy drizzle of honey, straight from the bear. (I was never a popular teen.)

Honey is sweet, sure, but it’s more than that. Whereas sucrose provides pure sweetness with no other flavors, honey can taste floral, fruity, smoky, or even spicy, depending on where it comes from. That’s why I don’t like it because it’s too competitive.

but the best finisher Competitive in nature. A sour finisher like lemon juice or vinegar draws the focus out of the fat. Fresh herbs break the monotony and add lush flavors to cooked meats, mayonnaise-laden salads and spicy salsas. Sweet touches such as fruity sauces, reductions, and of course honey provide a nice balanced counternote to salty, spicy and funky dishes.

Honey: Oh, did you think this pepperoni pizza was funny? Don’t you think the salty meat and cheese is enough? What if you were eating this pizza in a meadow of flowers? ? Isn’t it fun?”

If you’ve ever tried honey on pepperoni pizza (especially the spicy ones), you know it’s actually fun. green sauté), or potatoes (especially tater tots), or grilled or stewed meat. (Wings and tenders are common, but have you ever tried a little honey on steak?)

If you consider yourself an agent of chaos, try this pickled honey snacks, somehow made a mess all at once and downright delicious. If you want your finishing honey to be even more exciting, you can: ferment the garlic Also cranberry Make it there or with a little heat hot honeyis a very trendy condiment.

If you’re not sure what to finish with honey, start with something super salty, spicy, or funky. Garlic always goes well with something sweet. So garlic mashed potatoes, garlic green beans, or garlic chicken thighs are great starting points. But at least once, try it with a slice of sharp cheddar.

More delicious food with honey finish

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