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Microsoft has a new trick to keep your passwords safe

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PC passwords are not something that can be easily shared. It’s the key to your kingdom. From work to social media to banking, you can potentially access the entire world from your Windows machine. as a result, microsoft teeth beggar let us not be fools Give our password to anyone who asks. but,hey know some of us intention, that’s why they have We recently rolled out some powerful features to protect us from ourselves.

How Malicious People Can Steal PC Passwords

the problem is phishing, or cheat someone For delivery of personal digital information PC password.scammers are getting very Good pulling This information Get out of the unsuspecting victim and make your way past A traditional tactic that seems ridiculously obvious these days. One strategy is to create a website that: look It’s the same one you’re trying to log in, but it’s completely bogus.Even if you discover the fraud in time please do not press the login button Hackers can steal passwords by simply entering them into these sites. This is never a good thing, but it’s even worse if you use the same password on Facebook. use for computer. Now a malicious person knows how to log into your machine.

Another issue is insecure password storage. For example, storing all your passwords in a standard Word or Excel file leaves you vulnerable to data theft. Passwords should only be stored in password-protected and encrypted sources. standard document anyone can read.

There are personal risks teeth The same is true for risks to businesses and networks.hacker broke in huge institution thanks to Weak or leaked passwords. Sometimes Access to the machine for one user is enough to trigger A complete security meltdown.

How Microsoft helps protect Windows passwords

last week’s big deal windows 11 2022 update, Published by Microsoft new weapons to protect you against PC Password theft. The first is an alert that pops up every time you use your Windows login. A password for another website.hope This is to avoid using your PC password for other services. If the site you’re “logging into” is actually a phishing site, the hacker can learn her PC’s password, but even legitimate sites can experience danger. password leakage. The second option will always warn you if you enter your password in a program that cannot be stored securely. Microsoft tries to prevent users from saving passwords in apps like Word and Notepad. don’t stopUh same protection As true password manager.

How to enable Microsoft’s new password protection protocol

For some reason, these password protection options aren’t enabled by default and are pretty buried in its settings. for them To work, you must use your Windows password instead of Windows Hello to log into your computer.they If you use a PIN to sign in to your PC, it won’t work, so you’ll need to enable that option. off first. (G.To start > setting > account > Sign-in optionsselect the Windows Hello method you want to disable, and[削除]Choose).

Next, start menu > setting > Privacy and security > Windows security > App and browser control > Reputation-based protection settings. checks Anti-phishing, must already be set to “on”.the other Options to focus on “Warn about password reuse” and “Warn about saving insecure passwords.” If I turn both on, I receive Warn you every time you enter your password in an unsafe app.

Microsoft has a new trick to keep your passwords safe

Source link Microsoft has a new trick to keep your passwords safe

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