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Meat spread needs tangy jam

Image from article titled Your Meat Spreads Need a Pingy Jam

Being able to spread meat is a bit of an odd concept, but an oddity worth reconciling. Once that’s over and you’re starting to enjoy the lavish life of pâté and liver mousse, you can get really weird and incorporate a tangy, fruity jam into the situation.

Of course in my context the workThe combination of , jam, and pate isn’t all that strange, but you’d be surprised how many people still resist the concept of eating meat with fruit. Meat-based spreads have both of these qualities.

As well as a well-balanced and delicious bite, one ingredient (the fruit spread on) resets the palate with acidity, allowing the rich, fatty component (the meat on the spread) to be eaten more and enjoyed. increase. With all of the contrasting flavors, you also want to see contrasting textures, so serve something crunchy or crispy (such as heavily toasted bread or hearty crackers) alongside the two spreads.

You can serve each component individually and place a jar of pate next to a jar of tangy jam or borrow Martha Stewart in action Just before serving, spread a thick layer of raspberry jam over the pan of chicken liver mousse. prefers a smoother spread. (I have a pretty good chicken liver mousse recipe here, if you’re into that sort of thing. )

As for jams, this is a good time to experiment, but keep it a little tangy. Apricot, raspberry, and strawberry rhubarb are all great, but citrus marmalade can be confusing on the tongue. I think (or maybe it’s great, try it and tell me). Cranberry sauce is also good.

Meat spread needs tangy jam

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