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Marshmallow stuffing with chocolate chips for easier s’more

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I like fishing, hunting, and outdoor activities such as lying on the beach, but I’m not a big camper. (I only camp because elks don’t tend to hang around the hotel.) For S’more (famous camping snacks), I prefer to keep them indoors. Broiler S’more Marshmallows are not charred, they are charred. The chocolate melts completely. You don’t have to deal with odorous smoke. But I understand that other people like to camp “for fun” and that some of that fun involves making s’mores on a campfire. Those people should pack their marshmallows with chocolate chips.

This idea is one of many ideas from The Kitchn’s recent recipes. Ritzy S’mores Skewers.. It’s a bold recipe and has many riffs. Ritz crackers have replaced Graham, peanut butter is applied to the crackers, bananas are entangled, and as already mentioned, marshmallows are stuffed with chocolate chips.

It all sounds chaotic and tasty, but the marshmallow stuffing is inspired. This solves the whole problem of melting chocolate (chocolate is heated with marshmallows). This is the main problem we encounter when making s’mores. This is a very simple operation. Make a hole in the marshmallow and put some chocolate in the hole, but drop Kitchn’s instructions here.

Starting from the flat end, insert the skewer into the marshmallow, twist it a few times to widen the hole a little, and then remove the skewer. Insert as many 2-4 chocolate chips as possible into the holes. You can put it on either end of the marshmallow and actually push it there.

After you really-and I really-push them there, you are ready to roast and toast in the usual way. Would you please bake chocolate-stuffed marshmallows? I don’t know the reason. Wherever you cook s’more, it’s a good hack.

Marshmallow stuffing with chocolate chips for easier s’more

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