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Manslaughter trial ordered in connection with fatal puncture wound

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A suspected fatal puncture wound in a Calgary man in a downtown apartment was ordered Wednesday to be tried for manslaughter in connection with his death.

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Judge Sharon Vande Veen of the district court has a controversial issue before determining from two crown witnesses, defense lawyer Alain Hepner and prosecutor Samina Dhalla, that there is sufficient evidence to stand in court. I heard a statement of facts agreed on.

At Hepner’s request, Van de Veen ordered a ban on the publication of the evidence presented by Dara.

Hoepner did not object to his commitment, admitting that the crown met the low criteria of providing evidence for the jury to weigh.

Richardson, then 18 years old, was charged shortly after the death of 19-year-old Antonio Wallace-Mullillo on August 31st last year.

When police arrived at 600 blocks southwest of 5th Avenue around 9:45 pm that day, they found one of them in their lives due to a report of a quarrel between the two men-Intimidation Condition.

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According to police, the corresponding police officer has begun first aid victim Until the EMS arrives, but the man later Succumbed To his injury in the hospital.

“”Investigator victim The suspects knew each other.is Alleged An oral quarrel arose, which escalated into a physical conflict.“The police said in a press release. “”The suspect Alleged Stung victimCauses fatal injury.

Three were detained on the night of the incident, but two were released shortly thereafter.

Police later charged Richardson with manslaughter.

Wallace-Murillo was identified as a victim by police after being notified to close relatives.

The accused does not pay bail while waiting for the case to be resolved.

His proceedings will return to the criminal appearance of the Queen’s Bench Court on June 24, with the purpose of setting a hearing date.


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Manslaughter trial ordered in connection with fatal puncture wound

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