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Make vegetables more attractive with Caesar salad treatment

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Caesar dressing is a great seasoning packed with all kinds of flavors. The richness of egg yolk, the umami of anchovies and palms, the acidity of lemon, and the spiciness Garlic and chili peppers. why, after that, If possible, think of it as just a lettuce topping? Is it used to make vegetables more attractive?

That’s just a question Asked and answered by this Zucchini Caesar Salad From Blackberry Farms (Special Feature Food52). The salad is simple. Add a small amount of salt and pepper to thinly sliced ​​(or mandolined) zucchini, sprinkle with herb-rich Caesar and add frico ( Cheese is croutons). It’s a great template, and there’s no reason you can’t apply it to any vegetable that hits your fantasy. It’s a great way to get rid of the zucchini breeze, but it can also work with asparagus, a bowl of cherry tomatoes, a pile of green beans, and even blisters of shishitogara. Put on the dressing and add the cheese.

Blackberry Farms Caesar dressing recipes are mostly Caesar and Green Goddess hybrids.Anchovies are replaced with Worcestershire sauce (actually Contains anchovies), lemon juice will be exchanged for Sherry vinegar, tarragon and chives make things a little greener.It’s funny Certainly Caesar dressing recipeBut you can always If you don’t want to branch, use Favorites.

I like the classic, a lot of anchovies Raw egg yolk dressing, but I also make a pretty good vegetarian version Blue cheese instead of small canned fish..When it comes to cheese, I think Frico It’s a movement (it brings taste When Texture), but Halloumi fried (Cheese nugget) was also slapped, and the cheese I bought at the store was crunchy.

Finally, don’t ignore Caesar roasted vegetablesEspecially we Went in These hot summer months. Caesar dressing acts as a savory roasting oil, and when heated in a high temperature oven, it adds a large amount of savory flavor and caramelization. Lightly coat a bowl of vegetables with sufficient dressing and roast in a 400 liter oven until the center is soft and the edges are browned. Finish with a lot of palm and lemon squeeze.

Make vegetables more attractive with Caesar salad treatment

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