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Make dirty eggs with olive juice

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Eggs are pretty bland on their own, so hot sauce, ketchup, or onion powdera lot of fun sauce and dip Along with eggs, a recent discovery has a seemingly empty jar of olives stored in the refrigerator. Make the eggs irresistible by staining them with olive juice.

When I say “dirty with olive juice,” I mean really dirty, like a martini. one for eggs) tequila dirty martini, of course).This brine stash is for mixing into the your egg and spoon that’s all your eggs. I can understand your initial questioning reaction, but olive juice and eggs make perfect sense. Eggs have unique uses. Its mild flavor and protein structure make it work beautifully in both sweet and savory applications.This mellow flavor profile makes it easy to pair with your favorite sauces. If you’re a fan of olives, we think you’ll love adding olive juice to your eggs for breakfast.

For a delicious, casual breakfast, add olive juice directly to the eggs before cooking. For scrambled eggs or omelettes, simply pour over eggs while stirring. For my scramble, I use 2 large eggs and 1 tablespoon salt water. If you usually add salt, water, milk, or cream, don’t. Anyway, olive juice is mostly water, salt and vinegar. If you miss the fat of milk and fresh cream, add some cheese Instead, it builds richness without adding liquid. Adding olive brine gives finished egg dishes a more complex flavor than simply adding salt. I wouldn’t say “Olive juice was here”, but it has an addictive aroma. Umami), his eyes blur when he realizes there are no eggs left on his plate.

If you enjoy poached, fried or boiled eggs, you can use olive juice as a sauce. To use the olive brine as a sauce, sprinkle about a teaspoon over the toast and let it soak before topping with your favorite egg. , 1 tablespoon is enough). It can get soggy and fall apart, especially if you’re using a delicate bread like brioche. Add sliced ​​avocado, thinly sliced ​​tomato, and top with another slice of olive juice-tinted toast, and you have a breakfast sandwich to write down at home.

Make dirty eggs with olive juice

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