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Make a spam fly with an air fryer

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Spam was made to fry in the air. Thanks to the large amount of unique grease, it is “s One of the few foods that can actually be “fried” with just the hot, bubbling wind of an air fryer.Fat is rendered from (very) processed (very) delicious meat as follows: It sits on the surface and becomes sizzling and crunchy exterior. Spam can be air-flyed in any shape or configuration, but I think frying is the best choice.

Reasons to create spam French fries??

The shape of the fry helps with dipping —With spicy mayonnaise, Ketchup, egg yolk—but it’s also a good way to increase the amount of surface area available for browning and crispy. Yes, you can fry french fries, but you need to turn the french fries over so that all four sides are in contact with the french fries. It’s much easier to cook in an air fryer. Just shake the basket a few times.

How to make a great spam fly

All you need to do to make a spam fly is spam. Cut it into 0.5 inch slices, then cut those slices into 4 equal french fries. Set the air fryer to 375 ℉ and when it reaches the temperature, put the spam in the basket. Cook for 7-10 minutes Shake the basket several times during cooking until the spam fries turn brown and crispy on all sides.

Drain the spam fries with a paper towel for a short time and then immediately consume with dip sauce or yolk eggs (this is possible). Fry the remaining spam grease to the right).I think it’s pretty good to put it in a sandwich roll Feel free to experiment with this concept with melted American cheese, real potato-based french fries, and lots of yellow mustard (let us know in the comments).

Make a spam fly with an air fryer

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