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Luxurious Oceanside Villa – Home Trend Magazine

Located in the heart of the Cowichan Bay Area and just 45 minutes up the Malahat River from the beautiful city of Victoria, British Columbia is home to Anderson Lane, an 11-acre seaside oasis where couples can share new beginnings. I have. His timeless 10,000 square foot beach house villa is nestled in an old cobbled courtyard and surrounded by manicured and manicured gardens. This stunning location is not only ideal for weddings, but also for families and friends wishing to celebrate life’s other adventures and holidays, such as birthdays, family reunions, anniversaries, and even for a quiet and relaxing staycation. Optimal. Anderson Lane is a short drive to quaint shopping areas, coffee shops, local vendors, artisan markets and farm-to-table markets. It’s also surrounded by some of British Columbia’s best wineries and vineyards. Enjoy your stay by sailing, kayaking, beachfront walks, hiking, or quiet long bike rides. Anderson Lane is a great place to spend your holidays. Get married, or just enjoy the local life and soak up the beautiful countryside.

  • Anderson Lane, www.andersonlane.ca

Photography: Samantha Carew

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Luxurious Oceanside Villa – Home Trend Magazine

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