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Lifehacker Readers Say These Habits Are Cute When Dating But Frustrating In Relationships

Image from article titled These habits are cute when dating but annoying in a relationship, according to a Lifehacker reader

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I asked you to share last week The last time your rosy glasses lost their rosy tint. As the early stages of dating turn into the harsh reality of a serious relationship, certain behaviors go from affectionate to downright irritating: innocuous examples include constant humming, clinical-level snoring, or his constant snoring. Includes consecutive sneezing.Serious crimes include Like someone who can’t stop joking even in serious situations.

Here’s what Lifehacker readers reported as their biggest quirks that they found cute when they first fell in love but slowly became a source of tension in long-term relationships.

“Teasing” that is not always teased

Many people hide their passive aggression with “jokes.”reader bus beast “At first, it seems like a fun, playful tease. I signed up with someone who needed a serious conversation.

another commenter Thundercats Rides Again We share similar experiences, but different endings. When I thought he was serious about something, he was pulling my leg. I didn’t like where the dynamic was going, so after a few conversations where he refused to understand this, I let him loose.Deny” Become a deal breaker. Sometimes your sense of humor doesn’t match, and there’s no point in being with someone who’s always making fun of you.

When “fun” turns into “reckless”

Starting a date with someone new for the first time can be thrilling.Maybe they invite you to come out of Or provide an escape from real life by always being a ‘fun person’. But what started out as a fun-loving thing can turn into a problem. antifaz “My old college girlfriend I met at a party was free and wonderful and wild and fun at first! Alcoholism and marijuana addiction turned out to be a bit of a problem later…” So, while this type of person is initially exciting, it is not always sustainable or healthy in real life relationships.

to be that too laid back

One reader commented: don’t decide An optimistic disposition is attractive when you first get to date other people a lot. It is clear that it is more “cool” than “.

If something bothers you, talk about it

Getting irritated with your partner is normal at times. However, many readers responded to the question, “Have you ever been frustrated in a relationship because you were cute when you were dating?” With a straight answer like “my wife”. (Cue Borat impression.) If you’re constantly annoyed by your significant other and everything they do, you may need to zoom out and figure out what’s really bothering you. Hmm.

Luckily the response highlighted above is a very resolvable behavior. You can reflect on the annoying things that make you realize what you’re doing right now, or at least have a productive conversation with your partner before it’s too late.

Lifehacker Readers Say These Habits Are Cute When Dating But Frustrating In Relationships

Source link Lifehacker Readers Say These Habits Are Cute When Dating But Frustrating In Relationships

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