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Let’s go high on the wedding day

Your wedding already includes toast, so why not include a talk? According to a recent study by The Knot, 93% of people serve alcohol at their wedding, and the average couple spends $ 2,300 to stock beer, wine, and liquor in the bar. If all of them are going to hit the source on Holy Matrimony Day, why shouldn’t you go ahead and hit the pen?

Maybe you are worried about what others think. Maybe your parents are an old Faddy Daddy who thinks “Mary Jane” is ruining today’s youth, and if you eat a slightly higher wedding cake instead of a slight fuss, your marriage will be You will be destined from the beginning.Remind them what we have known for years Cannabis is not as dangerous as alcohol or tobacco.. In addition, weeds are legal in 37 states and will not disappear soon.

You may not know if getting high at your wedding will be a fun experience. I can understand it. If you become delusional when you smoke, or if it affects your memory, you certainly need to weave it into the equation. However, according to some Reddit users, weeds can improve the wedding day experience.Take it from u / jasmine-flowers:

“This was a welcome change as I had been suffering from depression and anxiety for several months before the wedding.”

They are not alone. u / tbone-not-tbag I also guaranteed practice.

“I spent four hours before the big moment, so I went down to the lake, smoked two bowls, went swimming and found peace of mind. It was beautiful!”

Maybe you’re approaching the idea of ​​getting higher at your wedding, but it’s been postponed by dealing with logistic headaches. Fortunately for you, there is an event planning company that specializes in cannabis-friendly weddings. Irie Weddings and Events Set up a custom cannabis bar complete with a bartender to take care of you and your guests. Rufestin Event The service not only provides a substantial alternative to guests who do not wish to attend, but also ensures that the party is in compliance with the law. Cops don’t have to be stressed about destroying your doors and ruining your good times!

Ideally, you will get married only once. Therefore, you should tailor the day the way you want.this is yours wedding. If you prefer puffs to twigs, don’t let anyone stop them. Please wait until the ceremony is over. That way, you can prevent the gaps when you’re supposed to say “yes”.

Let’s go high on the wedding day

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