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Last night’s fried rice made a breakfast burrito

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Fried rice is best made from leftovers. S.In particular, cooked rice, then dry, usually in the refrigerator. The best breakfast burritos are made with leftover fried rice.Or at least that’s what it was in Best breakfast burrito I’ve ever had.

It started with an order of Thai food “Fat Caprao”, which is not fried rice but meat stir-fried with Thai holy basil. When cooked rice.It was a very generous (very spicy) portion and I could stretch out for itMore some meals. The first one was (obviously) consumed as is. The second meal was a kind of DIY fried rice. leftover meat and rice Fried in butter and seasoned with a little soy sauce. (It was delicious. ) Still, I had leftovers from this second iteration, but I didn’t care about it.

number 3 and last The meal was in the form of a breakfast burrito — spicy pork basil pork, rice, eggs, a little ham and a little cheese all served together on a warm tortilla.Thai food has transformed a good breakfast burrito into something great by bringing heat, umami (thanks to funky fish sauce), and herbal flavor (due to holy basil)… (“fusion, if you will.” ’ but really, she’s a woman who makes the most of her leftovers.)

you don’t To take advantage of this operation, you need to make your own fried rice. Whether it’s takeout or homemade, all fried rice goes beautifully together. Start by reheating the rice in a nonstick pan over medium-high heat. When it’s crackling hot, poke a hole in the middle of the rice, break an egg or two in, and mix quickly.Add any other (cooked) breakfast meats you want, then toss some cheese, remove the pan from the heat and let it melt. While the cheese is melting, heat the tortilla with a burner to brown the surface and put the filling on top. Roll it up and Please move your mouth.

Last night’s fried rice made a breakfast burrito

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