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Killing of third suspect AltaVista arrested in 2021

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Ottawa police said Thursday that a third suspect was arrested for shooting and killing two brothers at the Altavista Drive strip mall last year.

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Police responded to multiple gunshot calls on May 28 and found that Ottawa-born Abdulaziz Abdullah, 34, and Mohamad Abdullah, 27, were fatally injured. A third man was also shot dead and taken from the scene with a non-life-threatening injury.

Police said Thursday’s Ahmed Siyad, who had been sought for warrants across Canada, was found and arrested by Regina police.

Shad appeared in court on Thursday for first-class murder and attempted murder.

On February 13, this year, Ottawa police arrested 29-year-old Abdullah Hiosman in connection with the murder. He was captured in the Peel region and transferred to Ottawa for a single murder charge.

In March 2022, Yusuf Hussein, 21, who lives in Ottawa, surrendered to the police in an incident. He has been accused of his accessories after facts such as murder, transfer of identification, and acquisition of a passport by false statement.

There remain unpaid warrants from Toronto to Mohammed Shire, 31, in connection with the killings across Canada.

If you have information about Shire, please contact the Ottawa Police Murder Investigator (ext. 613-236-1222). 5493.

Anonymous tips can be created on CrimeStoppers for free at 1-800-222-8477 or crimestoppers.ca.

Killing of third suspect AltaVista arrested in 2021

Source link Killing of third suspect AltaVista arrested in 2021

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