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Keep cool while extinguishing the fire of life with Berry Mint Sour

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You move to a new city in a new country. You found an apartment in the right neighborhood at just the right price, and after you pull out your best, most adult, and most political manners set, you’re good enough for a building manager Love yourself The place is yours. In the first year there, you work lovingly in each room, in each corner, in each corner. For mania inspiration, wallpaper and bring your toothbrush to the bathroom tiles. Place the obscene amount on the sofa and set up a bookshelf. After all, I put the beds in three different rooms before I finally realized that the first room was the best. You buy the first wave of plants you kill. You build a house.

Then, one early morning, you hear the voice of a construction worker who speaks perfectly with the hustle and bustle of a hammer and the screams of Staccato. Something is wrong. Suddenly, debris is everywhere in the lobby, literally spreading like a mist of poisonous gas throughout the building. Finally, the building manager tells you: the landlord is doing some minor renovations in the basement, and the project should not take more than a few months.

Six years later, the project is not yet near completion. Countless power outages, water outages, internet interruptions that only seem to occur during work, fire alarms that sound for no reason, no one seems to know how to turn them off after falling into the ceiling. Your dog is so noisy that you can’t hear it … After all this, you will receive a notification: you must move to the end of your lease. You’ve become pretty rude and statistic — you’re “cancelled.” It was canceled. Like Bringerina, or Bennifer, only this nomenclature couple Dujour is legal with the landlord (in your case, the failure of a millionaire with a huge tip on his shoulder and something to prove to his dad). Promoted by loopholes, but unlike pairing, celebrities, no one seems to care.

So you find a new place under time constraints and compulsions. This is twice the amount you paid, as the city you live in, once famous for its affordable rents and a mecca for artists, is now facing an unprecedented housing crisis. Rent is the highest ever. But don’t worry, there is air conditioning! And two toilets! And a big kitchen with an island! Instead of ordering from UberEats, every meal you’re prompted to make will certainly cover at least one-third of your rent. worth it.

Within the first 3 days, the washing machine will break. Then microwave. Then discover that there is a leak under the kitchen sink. When you unpack the box, you can see shadows flying on the floor. You are not a hallucination. I have a mouse. Like many mice. The air conditioner begins to moan, spewing black water across the walls and floor, and resigns altogether. In the middle of a heat wave. You have lived in this apartment for less than 2 weeks.

Cocktails are available on every occasion. You can’t even sit at a kitchen table with your feet secretly in your lap so you don’t hit the creatures on your dashboard and wonder if something else is happening inadvertently. Existence. And for now, as long as the right cocktail * goes, you need a reliable, clean drink.

The acidity is mercilessly reliable. That’s why I make versions with berries, mint and gin. Berry, I forgot to buy it, so it’s going to get worse. This is because the cooling effect of menthol and menthol is very necessary. Jin, because it does what it’s supposed to do and doesn’t light me like my landlord. I was upset because I had a lot of tired frustration to help aerate the drink to the dazzling taste. I think that even mice can enjoy it.

* Mezcal waterglass with a plate of salted lime wedges is also spinning.

Reliable, refreshing sour

  • 3-4 berries (I use strawberries or raspberries)
  • A handful of mint leaves
  • 2 ounces of gin
  • 1 ounce of fresh lime juice or 3/4 ounce of fresh lemon juice
  • 3/4 ounce simple syrup

Place the coupe in the freezer to cool. Gently squeeze the mint leaves in your hand before putting them in a shaker can. Add berries and easily confuse. Add other ingredients and fill the shaker with ice. Shake for about 12-16 seconds and place in a chilled coupe. Lift the glass and at least thank the tub for working. However, not before making sure there is a wooden one nearby for knocking. Drink immediately and exhale. Repeat as needed. Don’t forget to rehydrate.

Keep cool while extinguishing the fire of life with Berry Mint Sour

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