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Kanax: Assistant coach Kyle Gustafsson connected to Junior Return

Vancouver Canax is reassigning staff throughout its hockey operations, and many are then considering coaching staff.

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Can Kyle Gustafsson, the current Vancouver Canucks assistant coach, return to Major Junior Hockey?

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The former Portland Winterhawks head coach joined the Canax staff last summer and reunited with then-head coach Travis Green eight years after the two last worked together at WHL Portland.

His job in games this past season was to act as an empty eye, find in-game issues from above and relay them to the bench.

However, with the change of head coach, it is not clear whether he will play a future role under Bruce Boudreau.

When asked about the situation of his assistants Gustafsson, Scott Walker, Bradshaw and Jason King last week, Budlow said that basically everyone was on review.

Therefore, it makes sense that the topic that Gustafsson may be lined up to take over as the new head coach of Spokane Chiefs is circulating around the WHL circle. As Greg Drinnan pointed out, Chiefs’ new GM Matt Birdsley has been familiar with Gustafsson since he worked with him in Portland.

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Indeed, according to Drinnan, while Birdsley was GM at Kamloops, he was in that position from 2018 to 2021, but tried to hire Gustafsson as the blazer’s bench boss.

Brandon’s sales

Elsewhere, former Canax WHL Scout Doug Gaspar is looking for a job again after resigning as General Manager of Brandon Wheat Kings. He will officially leave his current post at the end of June.

“It’s all good for me, but not for me,” Gaspar told the post media about why he quit his job. “Distance was an issue in normal family life. Whatever normal hockey life is!”

His wife Kelly remained at her home in Saskatoon this season.

Gaspar attended Canax in 2017 and scouted for the WHL Eastern Conference for two years, but in the summer of 2019 he joined Brandon as Assistant GM and decided to get a job with less business trips. He was promoted to GM a year ago.

He was previously the Scouting Director of the Moose Jaw Warriors and was also a Scout for the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League team.

He is looking for a new job, but said his interest is “widely open.”

“I’m probably looking at some form of reconnaissance work,” he added. “I would like a place where I can be based in Saskatoon.”



Kanax: Assistant coach Kyle Gustafsson connected to Junior Return

Source link Kanax: Assistant coach Kyle Gustafsson connected to Junior Return

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