It’s never too late to start your summer garden

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If you think you’ve been waiting too long to get Your garden going this year Or in the case of Like me, you live in almost every place where it rains From spring to spring There until the end of June teeth Still wish you yet. There is What you can plant nowAnd how to be diligent in your garden, Even if you have Missed them Tomatoes and summer squash. Here’s how to make a late garden that you can still be proud of.

Herbs, Vegetables and flowers Can be planted late

One of the easiest ways to get green in a barren garden plot is to grow herbs.They can Grow a lot of flavors and fragrances, And bees love flowers.. Dill, basil, Rosemary, mintWhen lavender All can be planted in the mid-termSummer and probably still Prosper.. Rosemary and lavender may take a little longer to mature, So if you live in a sub-zero area in the fall, you should start from the beginning, not the seeds.

You can also consider planting late crops such as: spinach, Brussels sproutsWhen Butternut squash.. Pumpkin When Acorn pumpkin It will also grow in the second half of the season and bear fruit well in the fall. Don’t forget cHeck your hardiness zone To come in Your location here Compare To Seed packet information confirmation the plant Will survive in your fall Climatic zone.

There are many varieties that bloom when you plant them in July to color the late flowers and attract pollen maters to your garden. zinnia, Hollyhocks, Red poppy, LantanaWhen universe If you plant them right away, everything will bloom. If you’re not good at growing flowers from seeds, hanging baskets can be very hassle-free. option-fuscias, BegoniaWhen petunia Everything will be fine during the summer with a hanging basket.

Water, trim, compost

Watering is the key to speeding up plants later in the season.Making sure your plants get enough water either in the evening or early in the morning will help them. Grow healthy roots and water the plants The circulatory system before the water evaporates too much. Most gardeners living in areas where slugs can be a problem will want to water early in the morning, but if you live in a very hot area, watering in the evening may be the best bet. not.

To get more from your garden next year, and to extend the flowering period of the rose bush, you will “stuck” or cut off the flowers that are beginning to bloom and lose their petals.ld More flowers for you. If you live in an area with long warm seasons, doing this may give you a second color from the rose bushes, but if you make the roses deadhead this year, you will almost certainly have more flowers next year.

Another great way to prepare for next year is to start a pile of compost.You can get Rotatable bin Or use box Occasionally turn it over with a rake and a shovel. Making your own compost now means that you have plenty of free fertilizer to start the next season and reduce the amount of garbage you throw away.

It’s never too late to start your summer garden

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