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It may be time to get an air purifier

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I’m slow to catch up sometimes.I had intermittent wheezing for years and didn’t know I had asthma until I was 30.seconds. Air purifiers are widely recommended by just about everyone in the asthma and allergy world, but I’ve never looked into them. Sounds silly.

But since I got it, my symptoms have become much more manageable. Also, if you have allergies yourself (whether you have asthma or not), consider getting yourself one. We are now in the middle of asthma peak week, indoor allergies, outdoor allergies, and a time when seasonal colds can team us up. has a lot to deal with. An air purifier can help.

What is an air purifier?

If you go shopping for an “air purifier” or “air purifier”, you’ll find plug-in units propped up in the corners of rooms. Inhale the air, ideally he filters it with a HEPA filter and blows it away. Manufacturer tests show that these units remove airborne particulates that can include pollen and dust.

However, there is a big caveat: TThere is no conclusive evidence that air purifiers significantly improve asthma or allergy symptoms in people.Environmental Protection Agency To tell May “probably” improve symptoms based on studies showing small improvements. But we know they remove Something There is an anecdote that many people, myself included, have found that using an air purifier improves their symptoms.

Last winter, every time I lay in bed, it seemed like I would get allergy symptoms. I had already wrapped my mattress, pillows and duvet in anti-mite covers. But I was thinking of buying an air purifier. likewise. Within her first day or two, these bedtime symptoms ceased to occur.Can you do it Proof Did an air purifier fix it? No, but do you want to keep using it? you bet

To get the most out of your air purifier, it’s helpful to remember that there are other ways to keep allergens out of the air in the first place. For example, if you have pollen allergies, keep windows closed during pollen season. Dust and vacuum if you have dust allergies.there is more Here are some tips for keeping allergen levels low.

What should I get?

First, you should know that a corner air purifier is not the only way to clean the air.American Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Recommendation Use an air purifier in one room and/or use MERV filters in heating and ventilation systems throughout the house (if available). (If you have only central air conditioning and no heating, or vice versa, remember that the filter is only useful during the season the system is running.) The higher the MERV rating of the filter, the better. 13 should be the minimum value. Remember to change the filters regularly.

If using a stand-alone (“portable”) unit, instead or in addition, make sure it has a HEPA filter and note the CADR rating. CADR refers to the clean air delivery rate, or cubic feet of air that can be moved in one minute.use this chart From the EPA to figure out the CADR rating required for a particular room. For example, 10XTen-The bedroom downstairs is fine with a water filter rated at 65 cubic feet per minute. But if you’re looking for something that can clean the air in an area of ​​600 square feet, you’ll need a CADR of 390 cubic feet per minute.

My home has a MERV filter in the central air system and a plug-in purifier in the bedroom. Most of the time it runs quietly, but if it detects more than normal particles in the air it may switch to some kind of turbo mode. There’s a light on top that I know can be turned off somehow, but I prefer the low-tech solution of putting a sock over the top. there is. I’m no good at remembering to do it on schedule, but it’s been another peak week, so I guess the time has come.

It may be time to get an air purifier

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