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Is TikTok’s NyQuil Chicken Real? A Guide for Adults with Indifference to Child Culture

Image from article titled 'The Out-of-Touch Adults' Guide to Children's Culture: Is FDA to blame for NyQuil Chicken?

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Dear FDA: Before you issue any warnings, you need to start asking me what’s real and what’s fake among teenagers. REALITY OF THE WEEK: His teenager in China pretending to attend an American high school, a rap politician redefining “boredom,” a video game critic taking big risks. Fake of the Week: NyQuil Chicken.

NyQuil Chicken Triumph

This week, the Food and Drug Administration I sent an urgent message to my parents in America. “Encouraging people to cook chicken with NyQuil,” warning for “Recent Social Media Video Challenge.”

The FDA says we should talk to our kids about how important it is not to cook with over-the-counter drugs.your child catch up their homework instead. Here’s why:

  • There is no “social media challenge”. Nikhil chicken.There have been some TikTok accounts that have had quite the reaction Old 4Chan video of someone boiling a chicken on NyQuil.aAll reactions are Basic, “whole!” not “try this”.But even those videos are now removed from TikTok (you can look at them Twitter, but.)
  • This non-trend trend It’s nothing new. wrote in Januaryand it was at least five years old.
  • Even with the “challenge”, I don’t think very many people would bother to cook chicken with NyQuil, nor would anyone eat it. It tastes and smells absolutely bad.
  • As a warning about a trend that isn’t happening, FDA has Created trend.now hundreds, maybe thousands the press reports about itmost accept the FDA’s false framing of it as a “challenge” in which people are actively participating, and countless people are searching for this term.check out Google TrendsThe big spike on the right is when the FDA issued a warning. The big spike on the left is from the last time this hoax went viral.
  • Shouldn’t the FDA be grading meat or something instead of pestering parents with imaginary things? Shouldn’t the FDA people be smart to avoid this sort of thing?

Grandma’s rap terrorizes the country

Linda Paulson is an 80-year-old woman running for Utah’s Senate. She loves traditional families, gods, guns and online spit bars. To attract youth votes in her district, she Paulson released a rap video this weekIt’s a far cry from what kids call “fire.” Over a slowed-down riff from MJ’s “Smooth Criminal,” Paulson drops awkward rhymes (and no rhymes).

Of course it went viral, with liberals rushing to kill insults from every platform like dogs A few conservatives actually pretend to think it’s good or funny, or at least say no one should make fun of the old lady.

My question: the result is viruslight Did the ad succeed or fail? Was Paulson an idiot trying to attract the youth vote by not liking anyone under 85, or a genius just trying to get the attention of all the young people in his district? What? See you in November.Paulson win is clearly considered extremely long Although shot, perhaps her “rap” will topple the power structure in Utah’s 12th Ward.

Chinese teenagers use IKEA to recreate an American high school

According to Vice China Scholar, The Hottest Trends Among China’s Hipster Teens called May Gaofen, Also “American high school fashion” in English. The move is to post a photo of yourself posing in front of blue IKEA lockers, because they look like high school lockers. gossip girl. Posers are reportedly so numerous that they have been banned from IKEA in China. Appearance of A teenager in a movie set in America. There are so many levels.

Chinese influencers also like to take pictures in front Costco in Shanghai While wearing American clothes and taking an impressive pose next to nice car. They’re trying to evoke the Los Angeles lifestyle, but I’ve been to Costco here before. Pictures from China are more glamorous.

Viral Video of the Week: VideogameDunkey’s New Company

Viewed by over 2 million people video game dunkies It’s the latest YouTube video and it’s only been up for a day. Dunkey has not reviewed the hype new game. Instead, he’s announcing the formation of a new game publishing company. in the videoDunkey flaunts his credentials as a game reviewer, promising that BigMode games will act as a “seal of approval” for indie game developers and “publish some of the best games.”ok – but what is it every day What are video game publishers trying to do? Anyone trying to publish only the worst games?Insert Square Enix joke here.)

Over the past 11 years, VGDunkey has built a fanbase of over 7 million subscribers on YouTube through honest, insightful and entertaining game critiques.He has integrity and gamer clout, so perhaps he teeth The perfect person to build a quality indie game publishing company. Meanwhile, the trash can of history is filled with film critics who have wondered, “How hard would it be to direct?”And not all of them were Francois Truffaut.

But perhaps more importantly: in my experience, the people who share the strongest opinions about video playback are: Games are mostly work of video games. So stay tuned over the coming months. Dunkey is about to undergo a very public public trial.

Is TikTok’s NyQuil Chicken Real? A Guide for Adults with Indifference to Child Culture

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