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Is there anything I should tell my boss about my side job?

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It’s true that we live in a work-obsessed world. You may find yourself holding multiple jobs at some point. Hell, I’ve only had one job since high school. For 14 years, I have always had multiple sources of income. This was great for survival in a financial sense, but not always so great for survival in a mental health sense. Not because I was too busy, but at times I felt like I was living a double life. It may be helpful to let your primary manager know that you work multiple jobs, but should you?

Do I have to tell my boss about my side job?

Sarah Jacobs new jersey based attorney With nearly 30 years of experience in employment law, she says Lifehacker is legally required to let her boss know what she does in her spare time, even if it involves another job. He said it was unthinkable. However, she may have signed a non-compete agreement. If so, check it carefully to see what exactly prevents you from doing it professionally and for how long. You may not legally accept a job. (Jacobs says some non-compete obligations can be really “off the mark.” So take your contract to an employment attorney and see if the bylaws apply.) Also consider You can prevent the unexpected. )

Otherwise, you are within your rights to do this and you are not alone. Career Coach Ashley Stahl point to lifehacker A recent survey showed 32% of freelancers have multiple sources of income, including a mix of traditional and freelance work. According to the U.S. Census BureauOver the 22-year period from 1996 to 2018, the average double employment rate among employed individuals was 7.2%, according to the OECD. The number of employees with multiple jobs declined in the early 2010s, but from 2013 he steadily increased through 2018. Thanks to the work-from-home boom and wage cuts associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as rising inflation costs, that number has fallen to rising again.

so no you don’t Have tell your boss As Jacobs said, Have It’s the IRS that says. Even if you want to be frank and honest, may not be smart to let them know. Here’s why:

Can your boss fire you for having a side job?

The short answer here is “yes”.The reason is tHe is the majority of US states When it comes to employment, it’s what’s known as the “free will” state.You are hired with no guarantees How long have you been working at that company? Jacobs explained:you You can dismiss an employee for any reason, as long as the reason is not discriminatory. ” And even if you that is If you were dismissed for discriminatory reasons, you must be able to prove it. court.

That is, Iif your boss doesn’t like you They can fire you by spending your free time making money at another company or for another company or even yourself. If they say you work too hard elsewhere at night and come to work tired in the morning, they can ax you. wrong.

when Can not will you be fired?

For any state, yYou will not be fired from your primary job if you have a contract that stipulates the length of employment or restricts the employer’s ability to fire you without cause. you will need Check that contract for provisions against working elsewhere, but if none exist, you should feel protected by it. tell me Your boss doesn’t care about your outside work at all.

while we do it, this is our guide How to find a new job without a boss figure out and here How to prepare your reference Hopefully to help you land that gig in a company where all of your pursuits and talents are encouraged.

Is there anything I should tell my boss about my side job?

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