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Is the Instagram story glitch?Try updating the app

Some Instagram users had one big complaint this week, as stated in the tweet.

The app, owned by the parent company Meta, kept forgetting where the user was interrupted while viewing the story, so some users were repeatedly viewing the same story stream.

“Instagram better fixes what’s happening in the iterations of the IG story.” Said 1 user.

Even though I’ve previously viewed the user’s story, I have to replay the same story every time the user posts. Instagram stories usually show the latest photo or video additions before moving on to the next person’s story.

Meta acknowledged this issue and said it is now resolved.

“Some people had a hard time accessing Instagram stories earlier today,” a Meta spokeswoman said Wednesday.

“We have resolved the issue as soon as possible for everyone affected. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Instagram dropped a new app update on Wednesday. This suggests “bug fixes and performance improvements”.

If you’re experiencing glitches, updating your app should fix the issue.

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Is the Instagram story glitch?Try updating the app

Source link Is the Instagram story glitch?Try updating the app

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