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Is monkeypox a sexually transmitted disease?

Is monkeypox a sexually transmitted disease?Image of the article titled

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In declaring monkeypox a public health emergency of international concern World Health Organization on Monday He admitted that the outbreak is now concentrated in men who have sex with men. The WHO President’s Statement “Stigma and discrimination can be as dangerous as any other virus,” he said.

Many people Misunderstanding how monkeypox is transmittedWhen Specific news report Don’t help to get rid of the confusion.Medical professional Chime online To combat the spread of false information that infects the virus with other sexually transmitted diseases.But monkeypox No STI is at risk of overcorrection.

Anyone can get monkeypox

First of all: Monkeypox is not a strict STI / STD like chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV / AID. Classification of monkeypox as STI is disinformation, and as the WHO statement points out, such framing can lead to dangerous stigma and discrimination against demographics that currently contain the virus. there is. And at this point, the virus is certainly concentrated: WHO says 99% of monkeypox cases in the United States are associated with sexual contact between men.

Calling monkeypox a sexually transmitted disease can lead to dangerous self-satisfaction. People who think they can’t catch it unless they have sex with a strange man.In fact, monkeypox Can be spread in close contact of any kindIn particular, it includes contact with the lesions of an infected person. The increasingly common sentiment that monkeypox affects only LGBTQ + people is inaccurate and dangerous.

Monkeypox may not be a sexually transmitted disease, but so far it has spread like a sexually transmitted disease

So let’s be clear. Monkeypox is not a sexually transmitted disease.Now, give me a more subtle nuance: monkeypox is now widespread favorite STI. The way the virus is currently transmitted from person to person needs to inform how the treatment is being developed and that the outbreak is well contained.

It’s important to fight the stigma that “only gay men” suffer from monkeypox, but push to say that it’s not The STI masks the fact that 99% of men currently need treatment are men who have sex with other men. Semantics are important —o Guarantee that the right population has major access to the vaccine.

It is important to remember that the virus often attacks a particular community before it spreads to the general public.When There is little evidence to suggest that monkeypox remains trapped Indefinitely for gay, bi and queer men. People outside the demographics who are currently the hardest hit should not feel complacent. There is no guarantee that the virus will not spread to more people.

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Is monkeypox a sexually transmitted disease?

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