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Is it okay to walk my dog ​​in the graveyard?

Is it okay to walk my dog ​​in the graveyard?Image of the article titled

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Cemeteries are no longer just for the dead, mourning, and edgy teens.In more and more cities Rethink the role their graveyard plays in public lifeYour local graveyard for walks, jogging and even picnic. This list of healthy activities is especially lacking: let your dog walk.

You may personally think that graveyard ghosts welcome visits from your puppy, but tThe majority of US cemeteries have a clear “dog-free” policy (except for service animals). There is a good reason for that. Most people don’t want their dog to pee or poop on or near the grave of a loved one. Nature may call at least once during the walk. Through the headstone. If your puppy is doing their job on someone’s real gravestone or grave marker, especially if you forget the poop bag at home, you look like an irreparable dislike.

The possibility of dirt on the grave is not the only reason to keep the dog away from the graveyard. Our dog companions are not just cute companions. They can also be talented escape artists, diggers, thieves, chews, and resource advocates. Tomb offerings (especially stuffed animals) can look terrible to dogs as fun toys, and mourning people can look like new friends. To make matters worse, it poses a potential threat. Are you ready to explain to strangers why your dog ate the stuffed animal you just put in Grandma’s grave? I don’t have a dog, so I sweat a little just thinking about it.

When it’s okay to actually walk Your dog Cemetery

With that in mind, there are some exceptions to the rule of thumb of “keeping a dog in the graveyard.” In some cities, graveyards have been integrated into park programs and treated more like public green spaces than reserved places for private reflexes. Dogs may be allowed or encouraged in one of these graveyards. For example, the Washington, DC Parliamentary Cemetery has a members-only off-leash dog run program ( 4-5 years Waiting list, According to their website). It’s very easy to see if dogs are allowed in the graveyard. Look for the sign at the entrance or check the website if you can’t. The dog policy will be clearly posted in both places.

Of course there is Technically There is nothing to prevent you from bringing you in anyway, ignoring the “dogs are not allowed” sign. You may run away with it. You may not. Troublesome conflicts with mourners are the most likely form of pushback, but do not consider lifelong bans or the possibility of interacting with police officers. Respect is still important in the graveyard and people do not respond kindly. Violation of etiquette.

Is it okay to walk my dog ​​in the graveyard?

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