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Is it okay to go to the dental clinic?

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Wouldn’t it be great if there was something to help you calm down and ease a little pain before your dentist appointment? investigation of found Over half of dentists have seen at least one patient show up on time.

But is it a good idea? Now comes the problem. The short answer is A few Under limited circumstances, your dentist may be okay with that if you discuss it with your dentist beforehand. Now let’s discuss.

they will definitely know

Your first question might be something like: know Are you high? In most cases yes. Remember, dentists aren’t just mechanics who happen to work with teeth. They are medical experts and know what a normal heart rate is and how much saliva a person normally produces.

On weed subreddits like r/trees, there is a lot of discussion about going to the dentist, but a common story is that a patient’s mouth is dry and their saliva is thick and sticky, so what is it? The hygienist knew what was going on. Or you thought something was wrong, even if you didn’t suspect your cannabis use at first. “They were very concerned about my saliva,” says one redditor.

By the way, that ADA report?That wasn’t the only thing half the dentists had noticed someone was tall Actual survey results show that 56% of dentists say they need to limit their treatment. That means you should either keep the person away or provide less or different treatment than intended because the person was high.

Cannabis can affect anesthesia and other treatments

The American Dental Association “encourages patients to refrain from using marijuana prior to dental appointments,” they gently state. report on the subject. This is not mere prudence. There are several ways weeds can interfere with treatment.

One is anesthesia. In principle, Be sure to tell your anesthesiologist about any recreational drugs you use., even if you are not high on your schedule. They don’t ask questions because they want to embarrass you. Because your drug use history can affect how your body responds to the drugs they give you. For example, cannabis users often require higher doses of anesthetics.

Even if a visit to the dentist’s office seems less risky than a full-blown surgery in a hospital, the rules still apply. Your dentist may provide a local anesthetic, or a sedative such as nitrous oxide. In an ADA survey, 46% said they needed more anesthesia for cannabis patients.

Cannabis also affects some bodily functions. As previously mentioned, in addition to dry mouth, it increases your heart rate and increases the risk of dentists using treatments containing epinephrine or alcohol.

And then there are the legal and ethical issues of undergoing a medical procedure that you cannot make a clear decision for yourself.ADA pointed out Authorizing a dentist to perform an irreversible action, such as extracting a tooth, while under the influence of a mind-altering substance, is not considered to give “informed consent.”

Weed may not even have the intended effect

Now, considering all of this, you’re probably even thinking it’s okay for your dentist to show up high (if you have a very laid-back dentist). will it be? maybe not. “Marijuana can lead to increased anxiety, paranoia and hyperactivity, which can make the visit more stressful,” notes the ADA.

In discussions on reddit, some people report having good experiences. “For some reason, the water you use to floss and rinse your mouth feels really great,” says one redditor.

However, there are many anecdotes with the opposite result.one editor To tellBut I have found two problems: Novocaine or whatever they use is less effective and if they are doing anything other than cleaning, my Teeth hurt more. Needles in gums hurt more.”

Another “Don’t go to the dentist” Position is the headline. “It was even more painful and felt like I was in a UFO. The aliens were experimenting in my mouth.”

Is it okay to go to the dental clinic?

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