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Is BeReal safe?

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BeReal’s popularity is on another level. At the end of the day, any app that he beats TikTok on the charts should be taken seriously. The app is easy to use like thisSee notifications, take photos, and share to apps. But here a question arises. Are you putting yourself in danger by sharing photos of your location every day? Is BeReal safe?

BeReal’s status in terms of privacy

To understand the privacy implications of an app, you need to look at its privacy policy. Fortunately, BeReal’s is relatively shortwhich allows you to easily see what data you are collecting and storing.

BeReal tracks the date you signed up for the app, the date you last used the app, your recent BeReals, the time you posted, and your RealMoji usage (the avatar you see when you react to posts). A lot of that data isn’t that shocking because it’s available to anyone with access to your profile.BeReal can tell you your friends, their friend requests, your friend’s comments on his BeReals, and which ones you interact with the most. Keep a record of which friends you have. If you allow BeReal to access your contacts, they will be saved.

BeReal collects device IP address, device type, app crashes and OS version. It sounds a little invasive, but unfortunately it’s pretty standard: anything you “create” in BeReal is collected by the company. This includes photos, RealMojis, and comments. Please note that it is unknown if deleted content will be included.

Things are starting to get a little worrisome when it comes to geolocation data. BeReal lets you choose whether to post your location when sharing to apps. You can also find friends on the app. With these features, if you give BeReal permission to use your location, BeReal can always store your location, even if you don’t share it in your posts. You should always deny him BeReal access to your location to avoid collecting that location.

The app also uses cookies to track your activity. These cookies are “necessary” to keep you logged in to your account, analyze and anonymously report your activity to Google Analytics and Amplitude, and store user preferences. If she chooses to delete her account, BeReal will erase her data within 30 days. However, the company keeps backups and It is regularly purged every 90 days, so it may take up to 3 months for the data to be completely purged from the platform.

BeReal claims not to sell your personal data to third parties without your consent. Please note that content such as photos and comments do not fall under this rule. actually, According to the terms of use, grants BeReal and its users a 30-year license to share and reuse content when posted on the app. The post you share today will be yours again in 2052.

As it stands, using BeReal is no more leaking of personal information than other social media programs.In fact, if the company doesn’t sell your personal data to third parties, unlike other companies, it seems better than average (I You, Meta, looking at Google). The fact that BeReal is a French company may help, as the EU has very strict user privacy laws compared to other countries. such as U.S.

If you’re already comfortable with major apps like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, using BeReal is a no-brainer.

BeReal from a Personal Safety Perspective

The nature of BeReal makes it a fun way to share the mundane aspects of your day with friends, but it also raises potential safety concerns. After all, the whole idea is that he shares exactly where you are and what you’re doing within two minutes of getting the first notification.

it’s not necessarily It’s dangerous, especially when sharing with close friends. After all, it’s not much different from honestly answering multiple “wyd” texts at once.

But BeReal isn’t just for sharing with your closest friends. You can add anyone to your circle, whether you know them or not. The easiest way is to add contacts from your address book, but you can search for any user on the platform and request to be friends.

Plus, you can share BeReals with the whole community if you like.Anyone[発見]From the tab you can come across these BeReals where you can react, comment and request to follow your account. It also displays the information you provided in your post. Obviously, this includes locations as well as those that define landmarks and features in the photo. Fortunately, BeReal doesn’t let you share your exact location when sharing to the Discovery page.

No more frightening parents, comment system. Non-users won’t see it at first, as the chat won’t pop up until they react to the post using RealMoji. However, when you react, you can start commenting and chatting with other users.

The caveat with all this is that you can only see other posts if you post BeReal yourself. But it’s a trivial endeavor, so safety checks on the platform aren’t all that important.

Tips for staying safe on BeReal

I’m not here to tell anyone No Use BeReal. It’s a fun app and not particularly creepy from a user data perspective. However, do not use it carelessly. You should always be careful when using services that can expose your location.

In my opinion, don’t use the discovery feature when posting to BeReal.Sure, it’s fun to contribute to the community, but you For real put yourself there. Unlike Instagram, where you can post about your amazing trip to New York once you’re home safely, BeReal will immediately show your whereabouts and give your location to anyone who can see it. , is to share each post only with friends.

Speaking of location, it is better not to use it. Don’t use precise location information if necessary. Anyone who can see your photo will know your true coordinates.Using your rough location gives you at least some coverage, but at the same time allows you to share more about what you’re doing. Differences between exact and approximate locations in this guideAs I said before, this does not apply to sharing to the Discovery Page.here.

We also pay close attention to who we invite to our BeReal circles. I don’t think it’s a good idea to share your daily location with your entire contact list. Instead, I will entrust that information to my closest friends only, and have no problem sending these photos and locations via DM or text.Too cautious for sure, but sometimes you have to play to be safe safety.

However, BeReal Facilitate Safety, or at least one that confirms it. As Lifehacker Editor-in-Chief Meghan Walbert explained to me, some parents are using the app as a “proof of life” check-in for their college-aged kids. You may not get an email or call, but as long as your child regularly posts her BeReal every day, parents know they are. I am alive and well.

I can sympathize: My mom knew I was fine when she saw my Skype status turn green. The point here is to call your parents, kids.

Is BeReal safe?

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