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Is Anti-Allergic Face Wipe Worth It?


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I was surprised and intrigued when I learned about the existence of Zyrtec’s face wipes. I have used Zyrtec pills in the past to manage spring pollen allergies (although they do not replace my first love, claritin). Can I relieve itching in my eyes by wiping my face? Yes, that turned out, but that’s not the reason I thought.

There are no medicines for anti-allergic face wipes

When I was buying a pack of wipes, I noticed something in the fine print. These are “non-medicinal” face wipes. These wipes do not contain allergic drugs, so they have an ingredient list but no Drug Facts label.Zyrtec tablets contain active ingredients Cetirizine, An antihistamine. (Antihistamines relieve allergic symptoms because histamine is produced by our body during an allergic reaction.) We are accustomed to thinking of the brand name as a synonym for its active ingredient, so I As you can see, these brands of wipes contain medicines.No: The company Zyrtec manufactures cetirizine pills When Non-medicinal face wipe.

Even some online stores seem confused.Target website list Wipes are not always both “non-medicinal” and “using cetirizine.” (Cetirizine is not included.)

You can buy a regular face wipe or wash your face

So what does the wipe do if you don’t use medicine? The functional purpose is to remove pollen, dust and other allergens from the skin so that they do not hang and irritate you. You don’t need medicine to do this job. It is enough to wash your face.

However, washing the face is not always convenient, so face wipes exist. These arrays can be found in drug stores, cosmetics and personal care aisles. Doing so will save you $ 1-2. I found a Zyrtec wipe on my local CVS in a pack of 25 wipes for $ 7.99. Then I walked to the other side of the store and found some CVS brand “micelle” wipes for $ 5.99 and “sensitive skin” wipes for $ 5.59. Except for the label, all three items were the same.

(While I’m here, I’d like to briefly explain how the same item may be labeled and the price may be different. These two store brand wipes have Exactly the same It is a material list, but the price is different. A “micellar” is a cleanser that is emulsified into a liquid. It is not a special function. Zyrtec’s own wipes, on the other hand, come in a regular version and a children’s version. The only difference is that the children’s package contains a rocket ship. )

Therefore, you can save $ 2 by buying a wipe that doesn’t have the Zyrtec brand. You can also buy a bottle of micelle water and use it with tissue or cotton balls, or wash your face with your favorite cleanser.Asthma and Allergy Foundation recommendation Take a shower every night to get rid of pollen picked up from the outside, and wear sunglasses outdoors to keep pollen away from your eyes.

Is Anti-Allergic Face Wipe Worth It?

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