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iPhone update should be scheduled for later

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Updating your iPhone can be a hassle.yes Updates are often full of new features and changes upgrade valuablebut it gives It’s hard to find time to install new updates on your iPhone. option. Wouldn’t it be nice if Apple could schedule these updates when they actually had time? Well, ask and you’ll get them.

After all, Apple includes an option to schedule software updates on all iPhones.That’s allor for some reason the company hide that from us.I don’t know why—IThis is certainly not due to lack of screen space. Half of the Software Updates settings page is blank.This option is also missing from the auto update settings menuso don’t go looking there.

Speaking of which, when I mention scheduling updates for later, I’m not talking about iOS’ auto-update feature.Admittedly, this option theoretically downloads Install updates overnight, But it doesn’t really work as advertisedApple designs updates to roll out automatically. week After the update is released. If you use this feature to install updates on your iPhone, you may fall behind other iPhone users.

hidden schedule The option will only appear if new updates are available. When the update drops go to Settings > General > Software Updateand you See the single “Download and Install” button.instead of just hitting Tap on the button. and hold it. Then a menu pops up out of nowhere with two new options.

  • download only: Tap this option to download updates to your iPhone, but don’t install them.
  • Download and install tonight: your scheduling options! Tap this button to tell your iPhone to install the update later tonight.

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I don’t understand why Apple doesn’t make these three options available on the main Software Updates page. While it may be that most users want to download and install updates as soon as they are available, we think it would be beneficial for us to expose scheduling options. certainly i Reluctance to install updates in the middle of the day.


iPhone update should be scheduled for later

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