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iPhone requires custom battery alert

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Smartphones are as good as batteries, and sWill start releasing The first iPhone, Apple, plays a role in remembering to charge, and when the charge drops below 20%, a pop-up alert will be displayed. The system is effective, warning May not come soon: Count the last 20% if not near the charger. Especially on older iPhones, May need attention.But IIf you need a previous reminder, you can set a custom battery alert.

[設定]It’s not an option in, but something you’ll have to assemble yourself using this. Shortcut app create Automation. Automation is different from shortcuts because it is designed to automatically trigger based on a set of variables rather than waiting for the user to activate.You can create automations that send alerts when the battery reaches a certain percentage..

To get started, open the shortcut on your iPhone and it’s at the bottom of the screen[自動化]Tap the tab, then[パーソナル自動化の作成]Choose. Scroll down and[電池残量]Tap. Here you can move the slider to any percentage. Let’s go at 30% in this example. Here you can see that this has changed three options. “Equal to 30%”. A warning will be displayed when it reaches 30%. “Over 30%”. If it exceeds 30%, a warning will be displayed. “Fall below 30%” will send an alert when the phone is below 30%.

For our purposes, “Falls Below” is the best bet. “Equals” is to send an alert when the battery reaches 30% and when it reaches 30% when charging from below.Of course, that means you really get an alert at 29%: if you want to get an alert and 30%, slider should be set to 31%.. On the other hand, if you’re careful not to charge your iPhone to 100%, you can select “Rise Above” to make sure you receive the next alert. Unplug For example, the iPhone turns off when it reaches 80%(But also you is not necesary to Too worried about the condition of the iPhone battery). Once selected,[次へ]After tapping On the next screen Tap Add Action.

HIt’s up to you to approach the alert. If you want to see a brief notification, search for “Show Notifications” and replace the text with something that tells you that the battery has reached its current level.e was selected. Tap the arrow to see additional options such as title the notification, choose whether to play the notification, and choose whether to include attachments in the alert.Tap the play button test Your settings..

There is Traditional on-screen alternative Alerts too: Instead, search for “Speak Text” and when the battery reaches a certain percentage, Siri will read everything you type in the “Text” field.You can change it by tapping the arrow Options such as voice alert rate and pitchThe language of the voice, and which The voice of Siri you want to use.

WAfter selecting the alert,[次へ]After tapping[実行する前に確認する]Disables. Enabling this setting defeats the purpose of automated battery alerts, which must be approved before automation can be performed... To lock everything[完了]Tap.

If you want to go one step further, you can also set it Automation automatically Effectiveness Low power mode With any battery percentage you need.. That way, you don’t have to wait for a 20% battery alert (or new custom notification) to turn on the battery saving option in iOS.

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iPhone requires custom battery alert

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