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iOS 16 should enable these new privacy features

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Apple iOS 16 Brings Lots of New Features and Changes on your iPhone. A core principle of the company’s mission is privacy,That’s why iOS 16 introduces four new features that should extend the iPhone’s ability to keep personal information private.

Remove specific fields from shared contacts

If you’re obsessed with contact data on your iPhone, you’ve probably saved people’s phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, nicknames, and other personal information.All this information is inadvertently passed on when you share your contact details with others.

to avoid it, open the Contacts app and tap one of your contacts.scroll down and select share contactsafter that filter field It’s at the top of the share sheet. Here, a checkmark appears next to each contact detail field. Uncheck the boxes for the ones you don’t want to share, then endWhen you share this contact, unchecked fields will be automatically removed. Unfortunately, you have to remember to do this every time you share contacts from your iPhone.

While you’re at it, don’t forget remove lPhoto location data before sharing the photo.

Enhanced clipboard protection

Apps will no longer be able to automatically check the contents of the clipboard. When I copy something from one app and paste it into another, I always get a popup asking if I want the app to be able to access the clipboard.

If you want to paste something manually, you need to grant this permission. However, in the past, malicious apps have attempted to automatically collect everything on your clipboard. You can now deny clipboard permissions for these apps —and, for good measure, uninstall them.

A better way to hide photos

iOS 16’s Photos app does a much better job hide your photoTo open hidden or recently deleted albums in the app, you must enter your passcode or use Face ID or Touch ID. This feature is enabled by default, so you don’t need to do anything to start using it.

You can even go one step further and hide hidden photo albums completely,.GTo Settings > Photosuncheck Show hidden albumsHidden photos will remain, but the album will not appear in the Photos app.

Complete regular safety checks

iOS 16 introduced a feature called Safety Check that lets you quickly double-check the permissions granted to various apps, revoke access to shared data, and change your Apple ID password. . Think of Safety Check as a quick way to protect the data on your iPhone.

This feature is especially useful for those whose safety is threatened, such as those facing domestic violence or trying to distance themselves from an abusive relationship.our A step-by-step guide to using iOS 16’s Safety Check feature.

iOS 16 should enable these new privacy features

Source link iOS 16 should enable these new privacy features

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