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iOS 16 fixes major Apple security flaws

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there is There are many reasons to update your iPhone to iOS 16. You can do it Customize your lock screen to be what you want Editing and canceling iMessages,Furthermore See iPhone Battery Percentage AgainThese new features and changes are worth updating, but nothing is more pressing than the latest security update.

Apple’s latest update suite patches several security vulnerabilities. The latest iPhone and iPad updates patch 11 such flaws.

Security vulnerabilities are usually a concern, but less urgent. Because only Apple and third parties know about the flaw, or at least how the vulnerability can be exploited. It’s important to update quickly, but often it’s not a killer moment.But as it turns out, one of these flaws is Zero-day attacks exploiting known vulnerabilitiesAs Apple says, the company “is aware of reports that this issue may have been actively exploited. If true, someone knows how to exploit this vulnerability against you.” It means your iPhone, iPad or Mac is at risk.

The vulnerability in question has been identified as CVE-2022-32917 and allows malicious actors to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges. This means that malicious users can run whatever code they like on your system and have complete control over your device. Such situations mean that it is imperative to update the device as soon as possible.

Which Apple devices have received security updates?

In short, all of them. Apple has issued updates for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. Even if those devices don’t support the latest updates. For example, an iPhone that doesn’t support iOS 16 has iOS 15.7. It includes all the same patches found in Apple’s latest update. However, it’s not clear if security updates for tvOS and watchOS will include a patch for the vulnerability, or if these devices are affected by the vulnerability in the first place.

You can find the security update changelog below.

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iOS 16 fixes major Apple security flaws

Source link iOS 16 fixes major Apple security flaws

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