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Increase your productivity with the “Four Trends” quiz

Image of an article titled Increase Productivity Using the Using the “Four Trends” quiz to increase productivity

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from Myers-Briggs When typing in Enneagram numbers, it’s natural to try to understand yourself better (these are often). “Type” with a random personality). I don’t think the online quizzes really say the definitive thing about who you are, but that doesn’t mean that these types of tests are completely useless. An example of how a personality test can help you gain useful insights into how to motivate yourself: 4 trends Framework.

before We interviewed Gretchen Rubin, the creator of this quiz.. If you’re like me and don’t put a lot of stock in your personality test, here are four trends as fun exercises to rethink your productivity and ultimately help you with motivational techniques. I will explain how to find.

what is it 4 tendency quizzes?

According to Rubin, knowing your trends can help you make better decisions, meet deadlines, and follow through. I promise you to make it yourself. The main selling point of the quiz is to gain insight into why you act and why you don’t.

First, the quiz avoids the idea that there are two types of expectations: outside (such as a deadline from your boss) and inside (like sticking to a new hobby). Rubin has the theory that when it comes to how we respond to expectations, we fall into four types: trends. Quizzs can help identify supporters, questioners, obligees, or rebels.

Free version of Rubin Here are four tendency quizzes It takes less than 5 minutes and you need to enter your email address to get the results.

How Quiz can help you Be more productive

My new interest in the four trends is This TiktokWhich creator @erica_mallett Share how knowing their tendency as debtors helped them realize that they needed an “accountability partner” to stick to their internal expectations (make a bed every morning). Such).

I thought a habit of pleasing people would make me obligatory, but I got a questioner. This clearly means that I am motivated by reason, logic and impartiality. In essence, my inner needs make sense to me, so I’m better at meeting inner expectations than external ones.Here’s how to apply this insight to productivity (several examples: Free report attached to the quiz):

  • The questioner needs a lot of justification. Discussions such as “everyone has to do this”, “you said you would do this”, “because I say so”, “I’m a doctor” are unconvincing to the questioner.
  • Let’s say your car needs inspection. To motivate myself to accomplish that as a questioner, I need to focus on the following concrete inferences: trip. ”

Your trends can also help you understand what is blocking you. For example, I definitely sympathized with the questioner’s diagnosis of “analysis paralysis.” As we want more and more information, we often have a hard time making decisions and moving forward. To overcome the paralysis of this analysis, my productivity hacks include setting deadlines, setting limits, or consulting with credible authorities.


Whatever your stance on general personality tests, they can reflect you and provide you with an interesting framework for overcoming the hurdles to your own motivation. And if you call it bullshit It’s your privilege. It also means that your tendency is probably a rebel.

Increase your productivity with the “Four Trends” quiz

Source link Increase your productivity with the “Four Trends” quiz

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