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In fact, putting your hands on your knees is the best recovery position.

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Faster training Recovery is a good indicator of overall fitness level And whether it lifts more, runs faster, or builds endurance, it’s essential for improving performance. And fOr for years, the advice was to recover from high intensity training by holding your hand over your head. You probably grew up and had a similar experience: WI ran a truck in high schoolMy teammates and I were taught to resist The urge to lean forward and put both hands on your feet. But the truth is different from what we were taught.

According to research on putting your hands on your lap

As research shows, your The instinct to put your hands on your knees and recover from tough training may be the best..and Studies published in 2019Researchers at Western Washington University have 20 college national team soccer players perform sprint trials.For the study, each soccer player ran two separate trials at weekly intervals, for which he ran four. A 4-minute sprint that runs at 90-95% of your maximum heart rate. After a sprint, soccer players are asked to hold their hands over their heads or knees, and researchers are informed about how fast their heart rate drops and how efficiently their lungs are filled in the first minute. Was collected. What they do It was found that when a soccer player puts his hand on his knee, his heart rate drops faster in the first minute of recovery. And their lungs worked more efficiently. In terms of how much your heart rate has dropped, the knee position is much better, with the front-facing position having 31 beats per minute, compared to an average of 31 beats per minute. The drop was 53 beats.

Leaning forward a little will help the diaphragm

RResearchers suggest it The key to recovery may be leaning forward a bit, it’s What maximizes surface area “s is called the apposition diaphragm zone, or ZOA for short. This allows the diaphragm to function more efficiently and the lungs to function more efficiently...

As a researcher I have written“The ability to recover faster from multiple exercises is an important part of optimizing an athlete’s performance.” So, in this case, “using the highest recovery modality, in this case the posture during HIIT, is important to minimize fatigue and potential. Injury.”

In fact, putting your hands on your knees is the best recovery position.

Source link In fact, putting your hands on your knees is the best recovery position.

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