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If you need to take a taxi instead of ride sharing

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When you need a rideare you sure You know what is the bestCheapest option?You need to open One of the ride sharing apps, Or is it better for you Go to old school Hopping By taxi?That’s hard You can know which one is cheaper from the top of your head. After all, the pricing formula for ride-sharing apps is deliberately fluid, you too I don’t know how much the taxi will cost until I get to my destination.

Opacity aside, there teeth A small lack of information available to you You can use it to read the tea leaves and determine which option is better for your particular situation.Let’s get started to do so Look at the average price of Taxi vs. rideshare in the country’s largest cities.

New York


Initial fare: $ 2.50

Distance fare: $ 0.50 per 1/5 mile

Hourly rate: $ 0.50 per minute


Initial fare: $ 2.55

Distance fare: $ 1.75 per mile

Hourly rate: $ 0.35 per minute



Initial fare: $ 3.25

Distance fare: $ 2.25 per mile

Hourly rates: $ 0.25 per 36 seconds


Initial fare: $ 1.87

Distance fare: $ 0.85 per mile

Hourly rate: $ 0.30 per minute

Los Angeles


Initial fare: $ 3.10

Distance fare: $ 2.97 per mile

Hourly rates: $ 0.33 per 37 seconds


Initial fare: $ 2.30

Distance fare: $ 0.80 per mile

Hourly rate: $ 0.28 per minute

Soon, Uber will offer a more competitive pricing model than a regular yellow taxi-Mef Only that was very easy.There are certain situations where you take a taxi due to some additional factors It’s better than using a car from the rideshare app in any city.

When taking a taxi It’s cheap

Despite the low initial fares and time / distance fares, it’s not always cheaper to use the Ride Share app. Rideshare apps implement “surge prices” during times of high transportation demand.“ This is the practice of adopting regular rates and raising rates by a given percentage based on the number of people trying to use the service. Typical times for spike prices are weekend nights and weekdays during the morning and evening commute. (Consider 7:00 am to 9:00 am and 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm).

Plus, “going out” holidays like New Year’s Eve and Halloween are great for spikes-Price increase. Between these windows, your best bet is taxi, Does not change the rate based on demand. Price aside taxi Also, these times tend to be much more accessible. If you are in an area where smartphones and internet connections are widespread, you do not need a smartphone or internet connection.— —Arms that can wave hands and a little courage.

If the rideshare app is cheaper

It ’s better to use the ride-sharing app. taxi.. The first example is when traveling alone. This saves a considerable amount of money during the journey, as some rideshares have a choice of pool options.When UberxShareYou can save up to 20% of your total fare while you are guaranteed to add up to 8 minutes to your total travel time.This discount will give you your total fare Minimize the inconvenience of taking a taxi. In the right situation, this choice is no.Brainer.

Ride share taxi It’s time to go to the airport. According to Sergei Klebnikov of Money.comOf the top 25 busiest airports in the country, only three are cheaper to take a taxi than to take an Uber (sorry for LaGuardia, JFK and Logan airport patrons).Because it’s a taxi Prices for travel to the airport are usually fixed, but rideshare uses an algorithm to determine the price (that is, if you are traveling to the airport during off-peak hours, the price can be lower. ).

The third example is non-peak travel time. If you drive in the middle of the afternoon or early in the morning, you are unlikely to encounter soaring pricing.This allows you to take advantage of the relatively low initial fares and low fares for ride sharing. Hourly and distance charges.

If you need to take a taxi instead of ride sharing

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