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“If Missing” file is required

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Statista report There were 521,705 For missing persons The number of files in 2021 is the lowest in the United States since 1990.surely It’s rare for someone to go Missing, but Happen, it’s just There is no doubt that it will be traumatic for their friends and family..

If You will go missing, you probably We want people looking for you to have as much information as possible about you to assist in your search. THe is when the “in case of missing” file or folder works. The information in it is useful in more situations than an unlikely kidnapping case.

Why you need “Missing” file?

The “If Missing” file is a document that contains important files. Personal information to help you find you In case of emergency — however, it may be useful in other scenarios as well... concept Popularized By Crime addiction PodcastOrganized by Ashley Flowers and Brit, two criminal obsessed women. Weekly podcasts explain the facts surrounding a true crime story and use traditional storytelling formats to keep listeners interested.

Host of Crime addiction that is We strongly support helping ourselves by helping others in times of crisis. In other words, they suggest providing useful information to your loved ones to help them find and identify you in the event of the worst scenario.

But that’s not all it helps. Syour My spouse died and they One of the relationships that handled all of you finance.In that case you will easily need Access to them Username and password To enter their bank account. It’s much faster if you have that information than you’re experiencing the stress of providing a death certificate to a bank to protect access. Providing this pile of data to your loved ones will make their lives much easier after you die.

How to create a “missing” file

We do not recommend using sensitive personal information to create digital files, as the cybersecurity situation is constantly changing. The last thing you want is for someone to hack your device and steal all your juicy passwords and personal data.

Instead, Create a physical folder and Store in a safe place At your home or In the safe deposit box At banks, very few people can be trusted. To access. The tricky part is keeping your files up-to-date when you change your password and open a new account. You should make it a habit to access the folder on a regular basis, perhaps every year or every few years, to ensure that everything in the folder still applies. ..

What to put in a “missing” file

What you include may vary depending on your personal circumstances, but here are some important things to consider:

  • Not just my recent photos A copy of your driver’s license, And your passport
  • Vehicle information such as license plate, manufacturer and model, model year and color
  • Health information such as blood type and medicine, And health
  • Usernames and passwords for important accounts, Includes how to access them using Two-factor authentication (2FA) code
  • Physical data such as height, age, hair color, eye color, date of birth, etc.
  • Social media profile information
  • Bank account details
  • Breakdown of your daily schedule
  • List of pFrequently visited shoelaces
  • name of fFamily, friends, colleagues, And important other people and their contact information
  • Handwritten samples and fingerprints
  • Written permission to help someone find you using your file or folder in an emergency

In essence, the more information you include about yourself, the more useful it will be for those who are trying to help you during a crisis.

“If Missing” file is required

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