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I need to change settings on my new Windows PC

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Machine upgrades often mean better performance, more storage space, and sleek new designs.However Even in 2022, setting up a new PC is still a headache. Before setting For newer PCs, follow these 6 steps to your new computer as you like.

change Windows update settings

First things to do Install Windows Updates now. Updates keep your computer safe on the Internet. This is because Microsoft regularly patches security vulnerabilities in their operating systems. G.To Settings > Update & Security > Windows UpdateInstall all updates shown here.

After the update is complete, take a few minutes to check your Windows Update settings. inappropriate time. just go Go to the same Windows Update settings page again and Change active hours. This setting defines the hours during which you normally work on your computer and blocks installation of Windows updates during these hours. R.Select back to previous page advanced options. worldyou probably want To disable Please reboot this device as soon as possible To Prevents the computer from restarting as soon as updates are downloaded.

Delete window bloatware

After you finish updating Windows, remove the unnecessary things from your computer. If you’ve built your own PC before, don’t worry. But if you bought a laptop or pre-assembled PC, the manufacturer might have installed a bunch of apps that you never use, such as antivirus apps, social media apps, and other junk programs.you should go to Settings > Apps Remove what you don’t need.

Install all your favorite apps at once

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After removing bloatware from your PC, it’s time to install the apps you need. conduct I want to use However, you don’t have to install them one by one. Nanite To select all the apps you want and install them all at oncemake it one of Best productivity hacks for your new Windows PC.

Some apps (such as the Adobe CC suite of apps and Microsoft Office) are not available through Ninite and must be installed.Set manually. Ideally, before you start setting up your PC to work faster, you should make a list of apps you need. While you’re at it, don’t forget Upgrade your PC screenshot utility When avoid scam apps.

schedule Regular backup

you are obviouslyI don’t want to lose data when my PC crashes. can be used A built-in Windows tool to back up your computer, or third party services back blaze. let’s see us A detailed guide to backing up your PC and you Find the solution that works for you.

Change PC privacy settings

By default, your PC tracks and collects a lot of data about: you. You should check your privacy settings regularly from Settings > Privacy To Reduce dubious computer trackingIt may take up to 15 minutes to see all the options on this page, but it’s worth it. privacy.

See which programs start when your computer starts

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When you start your PC, almost every app tries to launch in the background.overtonnow it My computer takes forever to boot. Plus it’s annoying—yI don’t need most of these apps every time I start my computer, so they end up quitting one of them To 1.you can avoid everythingReduce headaches by reducing the number of apps that start when you turn on your computer. this teeth Helps to automatically launch some apps, such as frequently used messaging appsHowever apps like There is absolutely no need to launch Microsoft Edge when your PC boots. You can check the list of apps that launch on boot by going to Settings > Apps > Startup.

I need to change settings on my new Windows PC

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