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I need another ice box in the freezer

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Open, free-floating ice Tray-eEven with silicone —There is no way to store the ice..They tend Break, exist odorAnd there is always one ice cube that you will never let go of.

you may Have a fridge Ice machine, But even those can grow mold. Other people Relied on to maintain Cluttered bag Convenience ice Or rotate four sets of slippery trays.But IThe ce that keeps the limit lasted …until now. This summer, we will stop storing ice in trays and start storing it in a suitable ice box.

use iInsulated ice box with lid

Ice box like This one Double from Lékué-A walled container with a lid — this is The lid Keep the strange freezer stinks and drifting crumbs away from the ice.Also the lid It doubles as a silicon and ice tray. Will be irregular-Shaped cube that is The most adorable ice cube I have ever seen.

Boxes like Lékué are different from keeping ice in a freezer bowl. I did it before, but it’s not terrible. The bowl conducts heat with each use and always melts 5 or 6 cubes and refreezes to the bottom of the bowl.The double-walled ice box provides insulation so you can take it out of the freezer and leave it covered in your home bar setup with much less melting. than One of these cute-However-Almost-Unusable bucket.

A suitable ice box is also suitable for parties

The architecture of keeping the ice in a box with a flashy flat lid makes this a sure winner for the party, party Preparation..The shape of the box keeps a lot of ice together A bag of ice that does not spill in half of the freezer.Flat lid allows you to store things on Without worrying about the imminent collapse of trays and other debris Fall Into bucket. Even if you have a refrigerator with an automatic ice maker Keep an ice box handy for when the party starts, fill it up, and take it out for easy access and reduce congestion around the kitchen.

You will run out of much less ice

Frequent lack of ice also reduces constant pain. You can store multiple ice cubes in a container. See all the ice in one container Make it Obvious when you are short. Yes, you still need to physically put the water in the lid tray, But it fits right above the box to help keep your freezer Organized..And mef you want to take you To the organization New heightPlease keep multiple ice boxes: a Dairy products 1 Bougie smoothie for ice cubes, for another Michelada ice cubesAnd another Mojito ice cubes.. Oh, and one for sober ice cubes.Certainly, some may call it Bougie, But I call it ready for summer.

I need another ice box in the freezer

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