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I need a spoon cake this summer

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The best cake topping is whipped cream. Light, delicate and mellow sweetness, it goes well with anything from angel food cakes to double chocolate mousses. The glaze, frosting and cream cheese icing are all great, but the whipped cream is great. It emphasizes the ingredients of the stars while adding richness and moisture without compromising the overwhelming and cohesive sweetness.

Sadly, gravity prevents you from using this fluffy cake topping as much as you like. It is structurally too weak to support a thick layer of cake without the addition of stabilizers and has the bad habit of returning to its original state of liquid. But instead of admitting defeat, let’s rebrand these cake challenges as a cake opportunity. Instead of building towards the sky, build “down”. Instead of crying for weeping whipped cream, rely on it! This year is the year of spoon cake summer.

Spoon cake is a cake served with a spoon. Not only because you can, but because you have to.It takes the best part of Southern spoon bread, Tres leches cake,and Classic English little things A creamy and impressive dessert without worrying about collapsing. It’s essentially a two-layer cake with a thick layer of whipped cream sandwiched between them. Then further decorated with whipped cream, summer fruits, chocolate chips, cocoa powder, leece’s pieces, olive oil (I know you’re there), edible flowers, whatever you want. It’s delicious with whipped cream. Another advantage is that you bake it in a 13 x 9 inch cake dish and then assemble it in the same dish. This reduces cleanup, facilitates transportation, and allows you to use all the whipped cream you need without fear.

How to make a spoon cake

first, Sheet cake Place it in a 13×9 inch cake dish that is at least 2 inches deep, but the deeper it is, the better. Almost all kinds of cake recipes are available. A standard yellow or chocolate cake is perfectly fine, but it should be airy enough to absorb the excess whipped cream liquid (dark ones like brownies won’t work). ). There should be enough dough to fill the dish halfway. This height allows the cake to be split into two layers, but also provides space for later whipped cream.

When the cake has cooled, turn it over into a wire rack. Divide it horizontally into two even cakes. If you are not good at using a serrated pan knife, Dental floss Gently break the cake. Return the lower layer (buttocks) to the baking dish and cut with the sides facing up. If it fits perfectly, you know you did it right.

Taste plenty of whipped cream with sugar. Whipped cream quarts are sufficient. You are enough for a solid 0.5 inch layer of cream in the middle and there is an extra for the top.Stop when achieved Medium peak stage. The moderate peak shrinks just enough to moisten the cake overnight without completely disappearing. Spread half of the sweetened whipped cream evenly on the bottom layer of the cake. At this stage, You can push the sliced ​​fruit into the cream. Turn the top layer over on top of the whipped cream, cut it inside out, and press lightly to bring it into close contact. Spread the remaining whipped cream on top of the cake. Add some dive for a decorative pattern or leave it smooth. Cover and rest in the refrigerator for 6 hours or overnight.

For the rest of the time, the whipped cream will partially moisten the layer of cake that acts like a sponge, leaving the whipped cream a little dry and keeping its shape when spooned with a spoon. .. As an optional decoration, place sliced ​​fruit, sprinkles, or other complementary garnish on top just before serving. Grab a big old spoon and think it’s ready for summer.

I need a spoon cake this summer

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