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Hula hoops for fitness are things (and why should you try it)

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You may know how to hula hoop like a proBut did you know that those skills can function as part of the latest social media fitness boom?Pop sensation this week Lizzo is now viral on TikTok While using the hula hoop, one of the fans responded duet to the video dancing to the single “About Damn Time”. This is just one example of a larger trend in social media platforms. Emphasize the resurrection of toys in the 1950s — that’s meIt is increasingly used for fitness.

The hula hoop subreddit boasts 16,000 members, and YouTube’s hula hoop exercise videos are increasing regularly. Hundreds of thousands, If not millions, Of the view.According to a study conducted by American Council on the MovementThe hula hoop burns an average of 210 calories during a 30-minute workout. This is comparable to boot camp style classes, step aerobics and cardio kickboxing exercises.Perhaps that’s why it’s getting the attention of celebrities from Catherine Zeta Jones To Jennifer Hudson (Or maybe their protons are just broken).

The hula hoop even has the support of health professionals.Samantha Nodeler Massachusetts Public Health Blog writes“Hooping is a great way to tone up your thighs, abdomen, gluteal muscles, and arms without feeling like you’re exercising.” Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center The Department of Health and Human Services recommends hula hoops for children’s physical activity. Dr. Edward R. Raskowski said: “You can use the weighted hula hoop as part of your overall fitness program to add versatility to your workout, or just use it as a fun way to activate.”

How to get started with a hula hoop for fitness

Here are some YouTube routines to help you get started incorporating hoping into your cardio workout.Note that many routines use Weighted hula hoopThis is different from the most commonly sold types in toy stores.

  • Hula hoop warm up / cool down: Add hoop first Then end your existing workout with this warm-up routine. This warm-up routine uses hoops to assist in stretching, but does not include active hoops.
  • PINC Active Fitness Hula Hoop Workout by Rachel Attard: This 15-minute beginner’s routine includes hoop-assisted stretches and sustained hoops in different postures that stress different muscle groups.
  • Hula hoop dance workout: A 30-minute full-body training session for intermediate to advanced hula hoops.

Grab your athletic clothing and hit the play with one of the many Spotify hula hoop playlistAnd you are all ready to go.

Hula hoops for fitness are things (and why should you try it)

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