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How Your Kids Can Actually Benefit From Screen Time

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As adults, we cannot escape the use of screens at work and at home. Considering how much screen time kids are engaged in today Compared to the past, surely problem most of them parents should and shouldTake it seriously. however, Research ShowsWhen used properly and moderately, screen time can offer several benefits.

“Context is more important than quantity” Said Jennifer BullHe is a family physician and spokesperson for the American College of Family Medicine.

Make sure your screen time is age-appropriate

recently A review of research on the effects of screen timeone major finding by many studies is that media quality It is important that the child is consuming. This includes Your child uses constant screen time They can understand and it will give them the opportunity to learn Learn new words, learn things like Wash your hands after using the toilet or just learn about the world in general.

“screen Time can expose children to things they wouldn’t otherwise see.” Deborah Hytnerbook author Screenwise: Helping Kids Grow (and Survive) in the Digital WorldAs Heitner points out, Sesame street It has long played an important role in teaching children about the world. learn about letters and numbers or different languages, culture.

There are now many additional programs to help your child learn similar concepts.The important part about him is that it has to be on the level so they can understand they can learn from.

Prioritize parent-child interaction during Screen Time

one of the main ways Children learn through interaction with othersEither ask the parent to answer the question or ask the caregiver to explain what is happening. Screen time can expose children to language, but it doesn’t provide that interaction. .

However, with that in mind, Screen Time in the form of television programs or interactive games Can act as a catalyst for parent-child interactions—you can answer Questions about what they are looking at or pointing to Reveal details that serve as learning opportunities.

For older children, “watching the show together can give children and their parents common tasks,” said Heitner. “This can be a way of understanding their interests,” he says, Heitner.

Don’t play TV in the background

one of the final Recommendation It is to prevent the TV from running in the background. Running the TV in the background creates two big problems. The quantity and quality of parent-child interaction declines. distract The kids from what they do. “Some kids can ignore the screen completely,” Brull says.

How Your Kids Can Actually Benefit From Screen Time

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