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How to Win “Sober October” (Even if you drink a little)

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As you can probably guess from the name, Sober October is an initiative aimed at giving people a month off from drinking. It started as a fundraiser in 2014. Macmillan Cancer Support in the UKand has grown into a global trend, perhaps boosted by increased alcohol consumption with COVID.

There are other popular “dry” month campaigns (Dry July, Dry January), but I think October is the best time to get on the wagon for 30 days. It’s just before Thanksgiving and Christmas, and you’re probably drinking extra. As winter approaches, there’s something about it that encourages solemnity, drinking, and self-esteem.

Benefits of quitting alcohol in October

More than a chance to test your willpower, there are real benefits to not drinking (or cutting back) for a month. You’ll have more money in your pocket, you’ll feel better about setting goals and achieving them, and the health benefits you’ll get from short-term sobriety are substantial.

a 2015 survey A study conducted by Professor Kevin Moore of the Royal Free Hospital in London found that moderate to heavy drinkers who abstained from alcohol for 30 days had improved insulin resistance, lost an average of 3 kg in weight, and had lower cholesterol. , energy, sleep, mood. Also: Good for the liver. Quitting alcohol reduces fat changes that can lead to cirrhosis and other liver diseases.

Another sober October benefit: Nothing highlights your alcohol problem more clearly than having a hard time quitting drinking for a while.

Tips for a successful sober October

Alcohol has a strange place in our culture. It is powerful, addictive and potentially deadly drugs, But it is available everywhere and is socially acceptable. it is practically social Be expectedEven if you’re not booze addicted, all of this can make it difficult to say no.

  • make your own rulesThere’s no one right way to sober up in October, so decide for yourself whether you’ll have one drink a night or cut out all drinks for the month.
  • Don’t think of it as abstinence. Consider it an opportunity to get out of your rut for a few weeks to gain a clearer perspective on your relationship with alcohol.
  • Let supportive friends and family know about your plansIt’s hard to turn down a drinking party or a trip to the salon, so don’t ask anyone close to you.
  • practice how to refuse a drink. preparation What you say can often alleviate some of the social pressures surrounding alcohol.
  • Plan alcohol-free activitiesYou might be able to white-knuckle a trip to the bar with a chug of club soda, but why test it? Use it as a chance to do something free. Tour the observatory. Take a dance class. Learn how to play pickleball. volunteer. Walk through the corn maze.there is tons Optional.
  • Exercise more. A fun little workout will keep you sipping a drink and boosting your mood.
  • take it one day at a timeThis is famous AA advice. Don’t think about quitting for a month. Consider not drinking alcohol for just one day. Dividing your time into manageable chunks makes it less daunting.
  • Indulge yourself in other ways. If you’re the type of drinker who has a glass of wine after dinner as a treat, replace it with something else.that’s right eating chocolate
  • Don’t worry if you slipA beer one night won’t ruin everything. Please start again. No one recorded scores.

If you think you can’t do it, take it seriously

Participating in Sober October promotes a more thoughtful relationship with alcohol. Part of that evaluation involves being honest with yourself. The possibilities are endless: depending on alcohol without being fully aware of it, abusing alcohol without becoming an alcoholic, and more. alcohol-Spectrum used.

If you really want to be sober for 30 days but can’t, you should consider the possibility of an alcohol problem.take Self assessment Talk to your doctor or therapist about your concerns.

How to Win “Sober October” (Even if you drink a little)

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