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How to wear old clothes without breaking them

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Let’s say you bought the perfect vintage shirt at the flea market, or found a box of your parents’ or grandparents’ clothes in the attic and found one that actually fits. Then, after an initial appraisal of the garment, you decide it still has some life left in it and decide to wear it. I have no intention of doing so.

How to wear old clothes without damaging them

Given that sizes, materials, and clothing fits have changed dramatically over the years, finding vintage clothing that actually fits you is a small miracle. If you’re not as balanced as people are.

Inspection and repair before wearing

Before leaving the house wearing old clothes, thoroughly inspect (if you haven’t done so already). Some fixes, like removing stains and fixing holes, are best left to the professionals, but others are easy enough to do at home.

First, check all the buttons on the garment to see if they are securely attached.If not, reattach them using polyester thread. This is stronger than the cotton thread that may have been used to make the clothes in the first place, and tends to degrade over time.

Also, don’t forget seams that can fall off or come loose over the years. .

If your clothes have zippers, run a pencil over one’s teetheasy to open and close, never get stuck.

Dress carefully

Wash your hands before wearing vintage clothing. Also, remove rings and other jewelry. may get caught like you’re dressed

protect them from the inside

Many of the vintage wear for women were designed to be worn over common underwear of the time, such as camisoles, full slips, and half slips. These items, which create a barrier between the clothing and the wearer’s body, are then washed more regularly.

Take the same approach when wearing vintage clothes today. You don’t have to invest in period-appropriate underwear, but wear some sort of undershirt or other easily washable thin layer underneath your vintage items. serves the same purpose today.

Another option is to put Washable, removable sweatpad Item armpits. However, in this case, do not use anything with a sticky back like sanitary napkins or liners. Removing it can damage the inside of the garment.

Accessorize smart

When it comes to wearing vintage clothing, accessory selection should be less about fashion than keeping it intact. Avoid jewelry that can get caught on clothing. including handbag With closure or crossbody bag.

wash sparingly

Each time you wash vintage clothing, the fibers break down little by little, shortening the life of the garment.That’s why I wash my old clothes every time I wear them Not recommendedOf course, if it’s dirty or you sweat while wearing it, that’s another story.

Air the clothes after wearing

If you decide you don’t need to wash your clothes (or things like coats that you don’t usually wash every time you wear them), still broadcast.

Ideally this means hanging outside in the sun on a breezy day. It works well if you hang it inside your closet or wardrobe (not inside your closet or wardrobe).

How to wear old clothes without breaking them

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