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How to wash a weighted blanket

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People use weighted blankets for a variety of reasons.according to Health line, Research suggests A therapeutic blanket weighing 5 to 30 pounds “may help people with anxiety, autism, and insomnia, among other symptoms,” he said.use deep-Pressure stimulationThe blanket relaxes the nervous system and mimics the experience of being hugged or hugged (baby swaddle, but for adults).

It may improve sleep quality and reduce stress, but it is not easy to wash. The exterior fabric is usually traditional fabrics such as wool, cotton, flannel, linen and rayon, but the fill that makes it heavier is “May contain microfiber beads, sand, steel beads, pebbles, or grains.. (Other websites list organic materials such as plastic or “poly” pellets and dehydrated foods as potential fillers.)

So how do you safely clean a blanket made of such non-traditional materials? There are some tips beyond what’s on the blanket care label.

How to wash a weighted blanket (by machine)

First, some general guidelines.The best way to wash a weighted blanket is to get a removable cover for it so you can wash it that, Instead of the blanket itself. Avoid throwing it for all dirt and scratches. Spot clean as much as possible. Use a mild detergent, avoiding fabric softeners, bleaches, vinegar, baking soda, salt and other laundry aids. Do not wash or dry over high heat.

In general, blankets containing glass beads can be machine-washed safely. Steel beads are less common, as friction with the cloth on the outside of the blanket can lead to tearing and leakage of the blanket filler. Plastic pellets are washable, but care must be taken to avoid heat as they can melt.

Air drying is recommended. However, depending on the material, it may withstand drying. To do this, you may want to go to a laundromat with a larger commercial size dryer. Always use on low heat (unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer’s care method).

How to hand-Wash the weighted blanket

Put cold water in the tub and soak the blanket in a mild detergent that does not contain bleach. Please wash gently. Air drying is recommended. First roll it to remove excess water. Then place the blanket evenly on the surface and let it dry, making sure that the contents inside are evenly distributed.

dry-Cleaning only

Weighted blankets containing organic fillers such as corn, beans, rice and sand should be left to the experts. Natural fillers do not withstand well in water. It may become sticky or moldy. The sand forms a lump that makes the blanket feel rugged. Blankets made of wool, which are not known to react well with water, should also be deposited at a local dry cleaner.

How often do weighted blankets need to be washed?

it depends. If used every night, the blanket (or preferably a removable cover) should be washed every few weeks to prevent the accumulation of sweat, oil and bacteria. If you use it only occasionally for a nap or watching TV, washing 4-6 times a year is sufficient. Avoid washing too often to maintain its lifespan, durability, and intended distribution of fillers. Frequent washing will accelerate the deterioration of the blanket and increase the chances of the blanket tearing and spilling.

How to wash a weighted blanket

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