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How to view someone’s LinkedIn profile without your knowledge

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One of LinkedIn’s most notorious and nasty features is Snitching.. Notify the person each time you access the person’s profile on LinkedIn. This goes against the philosophy of most other social media platforms: “Of course, check that person’s page. They never know.” LinkedIn tries to market you with the fact that it works both ways: yes, you tell yourself whenever you see someone’s profile, but you see when someone sees it yours.. I’m sure this transparency is intended to build a network of professionals and give insights into what type of professionals are looking at your skills, but sometimes they don’t know. Sometimes we want to know more about another expert.

You may be investigating people doing job interviews, or you may be interested in your boss’s experience, but the notification that you’ve peeked at their page is more than you want to answer. Also invites many questions. In any case, if you don’t want it, there’s no reason to keep your browsing open to everyone.

How to browse LinkedIn personally

LinkedIn actually has several different transparency modes that you can choose to view when viewing other users’ profiles. To access them, log in and profile ([自分]Click below)[設定とプライバシー]Choose.In the sidebar[表示]Select, then[プロファイルの表示]Choose.

Here you will see three options. By default, Your Name and Heading is selected to give you a preview of what each user sees when they click on their profile. However, the second option is “Private Profile Characteristics”. This option informs the user of only small facts about the network, not identifiable information about the user. For example, if you enable this setting, LinkedIn users may see their profile as “Someone on G / O Media” instead of “Lifehacker, Senior Technology Editor, Jake Peterson on G / O Media.”

However, the last option is to ensure complete privacy. “Private mode” does not provide any kind of personal information to the user, so you can view as many profiles as you like in full secret mode. Leave a trace, considering a different profile view for each page you visit. But no one knows it was you and is not given any hint as to who you are.

Now, be careful with these two private options. If you choose to use them, you won’t be able to see who viewed your profile and LinkedIn will clear your viewer’s history. TikTok profile view history feature The platform works the same, except that you need to opt in to the profile view instead of making it the default for all users.

Personally, I can live with it. You don’t have to know exactly who is looking at your profile, so you can comfortably use LinkedIn’s private mode.You absolutely requirement I want to know but I don’t want other People you know when you check out their page will have to pay for LinkedIn Premium. Otherwise, it is either all-in or full-out.

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How to view someone’s LinkedIn profile without your knowledge

Source link How to view someone’s LinkedIn profile without your knowledge

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