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How to vent your anger in a healthy and productive way

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There is no single right way to react to anger, but there are certainly wrong ways. There are healthier ways to release stress, such as sarcasm, passive aggression, and overt aggression.

Anger does not just disappear. When you are struggling with feelings of anger (repressed or not), Having a workaround ready can help.otherwise you are at risk beat up You can harm yourself and others in unhealthy ways. Here are some ideas for different healthy ways to curb your aggression and vent your anger.

please move

Whether it’s sprinting, boxing, or breaking through walls, if there’s a proven picture of someone turning their anger, it’s through intense training.

we’ve known it for a long time exercise relieves stress, regardless of your skill level. You don’t have to sign up for a boxing class (but it’s worth looking into). Search online for free workout videos, or go down the block and do a few sprints. If you have a yard, throw the ball against the wall. It may feel silly, but yelling and growling during your workout can get you into the anger-releasing zone.

Visually express frustration

Got an angry email from your boss? Print it out, tear it up and shred it. If you feel like you don’t have a physical outlet for your anger, create one yourself.

You can write down all your angry thoughts on paper and then discard them, I think it’s suitable for scribbling, shredding, and (safely!) throwing in a fire. Hell, if you have the safe space to do so, try smashing the old junk to pieces.

Anger channel intCreativity

You can also release your anger in more calm and thoughtful ways. If you’re building your anger by sprinting around blocks and tearing pieces of paper apart, here are some ideas for communicating your anger in a more controlled way.

  • sing. Ideally, sing alone in the car.
  • draw or paint. You don’t have to be artistic to feel the benefits of splattering paint onto paper. It’s not about making something that mom can hang on the fridge, it’s about letting it go.
  • journalDon’t feel pressured to articulate your anger. Even just typing a stream of consciousness note on your phone can calm you down.
  • listen to music. Find calming, uplifting music that distracts you and brings you peace.
  • Try yoga. Deep breathing and mind-body focus will allow you to sit with your anger without allowing it to dominate you.

talk to someone you trust

As with any strong emotional response, bottling it up is likely to backfire. Consider reaching out to a trusted friend or loved one about your anger. Evaluate whether your response is proportionate to the problem. A little perspective can help disperse emotions and calm you down.

In the future, keep track of when you’re angry and try to identify patterns that make you angry. Are you mad at the same person all the time? Are there certain behaviors or situations that just hone your gear? Understanding this can help you prepare for, manage, or avoid future feelings of anger.

How to vent your anger in a healthy and productive way

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