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How to Use End-to-End Encryption on Facebook Messenger Now

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Meta may not be the bastion of digital privacy (and it could very well be its adversary), but times may change. the company announced On Thursday, August 11th, we are testing end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for Facebook Messenger. DefaultThis means all Messenger users have their chats protected from prying eyes unless they choose not to. While we don’t expect these changes to apply to everyone for some time, there are ways to enable E2EE for her on Messenger.

How end-to-end encryption works

In regular messaging, texts are stored openly on the device, the device it’s sent to, and the server of the messaging platform. (i.e. Facebook Messenger itself)These messages can be read by anyone with access to the device. These messages are stored with a host of messaging platforms.It makes it easier for companies like meta To pass on your message to the authorities in the event of such a request.

However, with end-to-end encryption, rather than sending and storing messages in plaintext,Re-scramble.If you try to read the encrypted message, it will appear as a jumble of unrecognizable characters, meaning nothing to intercept.

To unscramble a message, you need a “key”.For messaging purposes, that key is either your device or the recipient’s device. These two devices are the only devices that can decipher a given conversation.Meta is facilitating the passage of these messages, but by itself there is no way to decipher them or those who come for them.

Meta is testing E2EE as the default messaging protocol for all Messenger conversations. However, testing is in its early stages at this time, and Meta is reported to initially include only a few hundred users. Statistically speaking, you are not in that test group, so you should use Messenger’s hidden E2EE feature to take advantage of its security.

How to enable end-to-end encryption in Facebook Messenger

This hidden feature is called ‘Secret Conversation’ and is fairly easy to use (albeit a bit buried). First, open the chat you want E2EE and tap the person’s name at the top of the display.[その他のアクション]is under[秘密の会話に移動]and Messenger will immediately open a new E2EE chat. Not your normal messenger chat.

The problem is, Other users must use devices and messenger apps compatible with private conversations and E2EE. Otherwise, you’ll get an error message when you try to send something in a private conversation. I can’t even use private conversations with groups—kPlease keep this in mind before sharing sensitive information in multiparty chats. You can’t send GIFs, make voice or video calls, or send payments in secret conversations.somewhat restricts functionality.

Still, for E2EE purposes, a private conversation gets the job done. Note that for each contact you started a secret conversation with, you’ll see her two chats in the app. Tap the lock icon thread. It’s not a normal conversation if you want to protect your messages. That said, Messenger clearly indicates that private conversations are enabled, so if you don’t see a reference to it in chat, assume E2EE is not active.

Other uses of E2EE on facebook

Secret conversations aren’t the only E2EE option in Messenger. There is also something called vanish mode. meta, facebook, Introduced in November 2020, touts it as a Snapchat-like messaging experience.what company did not do it However, it was emphasized that Vanish Mode chats are fully encrypted end-to-end.

To use Vanish Mode, simply swipe up from the bottom of one of your Messenger chats. When you do, you’ll see a message that says “Swipe up to turn on vanish mode” and a progress ring showing how far you’ll need to pull up to activate the feature. Then let go. The chat will switch to vanish mode and all messages will be encrypted and deleted. to your exit. You can also enable or disable vanish mode from your chat settings. scroll to the bottom of the page and[バニッシュ モード]then toggle the slider.

Meta will actually remove disappearance mode from Messenger once it rolls out E2EE as the default, but you can still enable similar functionality to disappear messages. The company maintains his Instagram version of vanish mode, but it’s not E2EE, so it’s not as secure.

How to Use End-to-End Encryption on Facebook Messenger Now

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