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How to use Apple Notes to have a secret chat with others

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Apple’s Notes app may not be the first option that comes to mind when you want to hide a conversation from others. However, you can use the collaboration feature to invite other users to a “conversation” and delete the message when you’re done to clear all the evidence in the chat. Sure, it’s not as secure as using an encrypted messaging app that erases messages (it’s very easy to take a screenshot of a shared note or copy a chat to another app), The Notes app is a quick and easy option for secret messaging in a pinch.

How to use Notes as a secret messaging app

To get started, open Notes and create a new note. Enter something in the memo, then Three dots Click the icon in the upper right corner of the page and tap Shared memo..You can now tap Stock options Disable Anyone can add people..under permissionMake sure you have selected Can be changed..

Go back one page and choose how to share your notes with others. As long as they have an Apple ID, they will be able to access your notes. I used iMessage to share my notes. Once others have joined, you can start typing the message and they will be able to see it in near real time.

Image of an article titled How to Use Apple Notes to Have a Secret Chat with Others

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To easily distinguish between messages and contact messages, click[[Three dots Select the icon in the upper right corner and Manage shared notes..select Highlight all changes Go back to the memo. When they reply to your message, Notes will highlight it in a different color.

When the conversation is over, delete everything you typed first.Then tap Three dots Go to the icon in the upper right corner Stock optionsAnd change the document permissions to Display only..

Go back to the previous page, swipe left on the contact’s name, delete.. This will prevent you from accessing your notes anymore. You can now delete your notes from Apple Notes. This will eliminate all traces of the conversation.

A more private way to chat

You can use Apple Notes (or, for that matter, Google Docs) for collaborative chat, but it’s not. For real The app you want to use for true privacy. Ideally Encrypted messaging app like Signal For these conversations.

With Signal, all chats are encrypted by default and the app doesn’t store any information you don’t need. Once you’ve started chatting with Signal, tap the contact’s name at the top of the page and click[Disappearing message.. If you set a custom time for these messages, each message in the conversation will then disappear automatically.

You don’t have to manually remove anything or use an unencrypted platform for secret messages. When uploading images to Signal, you have the following useful options: Automatically blurs all faces.. These features make it much more suitable for private conversations. Also, if you don’t want to use Signal, List of choices for you..

How to use Apple Notes to have a secret chat with others

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