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How to upgrade your small apartment balcony

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Space is always valuable. As Mark Twain once said, “Buy land, they aren’t making it anymore.” However, the effects of that emotion are different. If you live in a small urban apartment and your only private “outdoor space” is a balcony that can theoretically accommodate both Hold your breath. It ’s not difficult, Spacious More outdoor space comfortable or Worth a partyRental small balconies present their own Both challenges, as space and the upgrades you make must be removable..

The good news is everything you need to make that little slice of fresh air It’s a little creativity that you can use without blowing your deposit. Here’s how to upgrade that little balcony into a luxurious outdoor space that you can be proud of...


One of the easiest ways to make a small outdoor space feel more luxurious is to upgrade the flooring.Coarse concrete floors are not very attractiveTherefore, upgrading is a big investment. There are many options here. Artificial turf carpet (Petgrow Make some great things that are comfortable on your feet) For outdoor rugs Wooden deck tile (Or a combination of deck tiles and top covering). Deck tiles can make a small balcony feel like a small slice of an expensive deck, making it completely portable and temporary. And because there are very few square feet to cover You can upgrade to something really expensive without breaking the bank.

vertical garden

A little gardening can offer many benefits such as privacy, beauty and a touch of nature. All of this comes in an easy-to-carry package. Potted plants and elevated garden beds may not work on very small balconies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t liven up the place with a little green. A vertical garden can be as simple as a set of shallow shelves with small potted plants. Very ambitious design.. Literally anything that hangs or stands vertically and fits on the balcony can be used as a structure. Wooden pallet Ladder, crate, wire mesh, and even cleaned from the street left over from delivery Organizer of shoes.. Adding some kind of crawling ivy will eventually allow you to surround your balcony with a natural privacy screen. Once moved, all balconies can be easily removed and moved to a new location.


Do not underestimate the impact of lighting on any space. Small balconies are no exception. Proper outdoor lighting can make your little space look endless at night. String solar lights are the ideal solution Because they are Flexibility — put them together to create bright spots, Spacing them apart to cushion the impact. You can run around windows and sliding doors along the railings. Everything doesn’t have to take the extension cord out, and usually you don’t even have to use fasteners that the landlord doesn’t like. Adding some lanterns to the floor, especially the corners, adds depth and texture to the lighting mix. that too..


Privacy screens are great for adding to small balconies, especially if you’re very close to your neighbors. You can use almost anything as a privacy screen, from bamboo mats to all kinds of outdoor fabrics. Choose something that complements your furniture or flooring and attach it to the railing with a cable tie or string for easy removal.

Wall decoration

Want to boost the real design on your balcony?Consider using some Detachable outdoor wallpaper.. This sounds exactly like that. How to add textures, colors, and designs to the blank walls of your balcony without worrying about removing the balcony when the day comes to move. Detachable wallpapers not only infuse the space with color and visual interest, but also hide weathering, cracking and other superficial problems that the landlord doesn’t want to fix.

Rail shelves

If your balcony is very small, you may have a hard time choosing furniture. Also, try a classic bistro setup with a small table and almost child-sized chairs to make all balcony activities vaguely stupid and unpleasant. The secret is to get some of that furniture off the floor. Rail shelves The perfect solution.. As a table for cocktails and coffee services, as a desk for working outside on sunny days, as a planter, Or as storage.You can also find that Folds underGive extra space When not in use.Best of all, when you are moving, You just lift it up and bring it with you.

One huge cushion

If the balcony is too narrow for humans to use functionally, simply covering it with outdoor-rated cushions and pillows can make it a comfortable place to sit or take a nap. This is cheap, 100% Temporary, turning a small outdoor space into a hideaway. It’s a great place for pets to relax. In the same way.


For yYou can see the hammock, You imagine yourself sleeping in it — this is Human nature. If your balcony has three railings, it’s easy to install. Gorgeous hammock In a few minutes, take a nap under the age of 10. With the addition of a rail shelf for drinks and a place to store your cell phone, there’s a nap and reading station that can disappear in minutes if you move to a new location.

How to upgrade your small apartment balcony

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