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How to update your pet’s microchip

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If your pet goes missing, a microchip can help get them back home. However, some pet owners don’t realize that chips do nothing on their own, or once knew but forgot. It just allows vets and shelters to look up the number in a database. Therefore, you should ensure that the contact information in that database is correct. Up To date.

What does a pet microchip actually do?

The idea of ​​having a “microchip” is futuristic, but the technology is very simple. No GPS trackers or anything else involved.American Veterinary Association I will explain Technologies such as:

The microchip itself has no battery and is activated by a scanner passing through its area, the radio waves emitted by the scanner activating the chip. The chip sends an identification number to the scanner, which displays the number on the screen.

The idea is similar to writing the address on a tag on your pet’s collar, but unlike tags, the chip works even if you squirm out of the collar or leave the house without it. you should Also Give your pet a collar and However, neighbors who find your pet can easily read your contact information from the tag. The only way to scan the microchip is to take it to someone like a veterinarian. People with special purpose scanners.

How to keep your pet’s microchip up to date

When you microchip your pet or adopt an already microchipped pet, you will be given a form to fill out with your name, address and other information. This information is stored in a database. Veterinarians and shelter personnel can then scan the chip and find the relevant contact information in the database.

If If you move after that, you’ll need to update your information.Once a year, at her pet’s annual checkup, on her birthday, orIt stands to reason you. (August 15 is N.theorical Haone CHip DOh, If you want to use that date.

Does it matter which database my information is in?

There are many microchip databases out there, Unfortunately, there is no single universal database that contains everyone’s information. AVMA says the most important database for retrieving information is the database maintained by chip manufacturers. they again, microchip search tool Find the appropriate database from the chip serial number.

It’s a good idea to record your pet’s number somewhere. The only way to read the number off the chip is with a scanner. The chip probably has a number on the paperwork, or you can have your vet scan your pet and give you the number, and if you don’t know where to update the information, plug the number into her AVMA tool. to find a suitable database.

How to update your pet’s microchip

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