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How to turn your garden hose into a pressure washer

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Photo: Lightfield Studio ((((Shutterstock).

I hardly Domestic Goddess —Hate cleaning, I About Laissez-faire Clean up, And me Taken Not satisfied from a toilet-scrub Well done work. But sometimes As Mary Poppins says there is an element of fun when there is work to do. Queue my favorite procrastination tool: Ticktaku Cleaning hack in this way, Which Will be Hose and some Soap To pressure Washer..

According to how to clean something with a hose and soap Ticktaku

Ticktaku Creator @ ocwarrior19 (Name listed: SuzyQ),needs Clean the rug..She puts it Get outn her driveway.She grabs Outdoor hose, Fold about 2 feet above the business endPour what looks like dishwashing liquid and stick Turn on the spray nozzle, and then the water. She sprays the rug and Soap water comes out of the hose.. She keeps spraying until the water is clear.She then Spray water on the rug Until the soap is washed away..She then drape Carpet Dry on a chair in the sun. ((((Narration notes that she also has I used this method To clean her child’s plastic toys. )

Video commenters If you don’t have a dedicated power washer, you can buy a soap dispensing nozzle for the hose...To those people I say: it’s Why they do it hack.

Does it really work?

I recently tried this method myself.Me There was no rug to clean Just picked To the dog park, Where she played her favorite game, “Victim of murder” 1 hour on the ground Another dog bites a fake..she is Dusty, sloppy-Covered, happy puppy, and I was ready to ruin her enjoyment by giving her a good rise.

On warm days, there is a hose attachment With the “mist” setting, So it’s not too strong for my sweet fur baby.I chose to remove the nozzle and pour Put the puppy shampoo directly Instead of Folded Hose; otherwise Followed the instructions in the video..dog I was saddened to have to stop with a hose, but it seemed to work: the first tSoap came out, Shimizu, As promised.

My neighbor passed by with his dog. “That’s the way!” She was surprised. “I learned this trick from the internet!” I told her because I was young and in contact with the TikTok generation... My neighbor is gone, look Impressed.

Next, put dish detergent in the hose and wash it. my A plastic outdoor chair covered with sticky pollen. Taking out is also under consideration Refrigerator shelves And clean them up, but I’m not there yet.. Maybe next year.

Important considerations

Please note that your neighborhood may have a drainage system that flows directly into the natural waterways—SSome drainage channels in my neighborhood drain directly into wildlife streams, so I say “rainwater only”.It’s almost never Eco-friendly to such pollution Drain with soapy water, It may be illegal, so lFind out if you are using Biodegradable or other types of nature Cleanser is allowed Before starting the spray.

Also enMake sure the soap you are using is the correct type fOr the product you are doing cleaning. Dishwashing liquid is amazing in many things But not good for everyone A surface containing some rugs.Also, make sure to clean it up completely Soap before using the hose in the water plant, Humans or pets. Nothing is more satisfying than drinking from a hose on a hot day. that’s why Refreshing A bite of soap.

How to turn your garden hose into a pressure washer

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